This Valentine’s Day, Cadbury Silk merges the magic of love and power of AI

This Valentine’s Day, Cadbury Silk merges the magic of love and power of AI

Cadbury Silk's ‘The Story of Us’ campaign uses the power of AI to create animated love stories.

Cadbury Silk

Mumbai: This Valentine's Day, Cadbury Silk, India’s favourite premium chocolate from Mondelez India, plays cupid once again to highlight some unforgettable love stories around us. Elevating the celebration of love to new heights, the brand has introduced an innovative and interactive experience that allows couples to weave their significant moments of love into a heartwarming tale of love and affection, brought to life with cutting-edge generative AI technology.

To add the cinematic magic to this campaign, Cadbury Silk has joined forces with acclaimed filmmaker Zoya Akhtar who brings in her expertise to help couples craft their cherished moments into beautiful memoirs. Being the curator of contemporary love stories, she will contextualise and breathe life into the special moments capturing the essence of love in its most authentic form. Consumers can simply scan the QR code on Cadbury Silk packs, leading them to an exclusive website where they will need to answer some interesting questions that will help in curating their unique love stories with personalized avatars, which will be featured in the animated movie.  The AI module will seamlessly weave these elements together to craft a visually stunning and emotionally resonant story.

Speaking about this, Mondelez India VP - marketing Nitin Saini said, " Cadbury Silk continues to reign as the ultimate curator of Valentine's Day celebrations. We believe the priceless romantic moments are not always the expensive ones, therefore with this campaign, we wanted to celebrate the everyday magic of a deeper and meaningful love and create a platform for couples to express their unique stories in a truly personal and heartwarming way. The idea was to create an experience that couples could revel in by watching a movie on them, by them and gush over the cute moments that are a testament of their love. The collaboration with Zoya Akhtar adds an extra layer of creativity, ensuring this campaign will be an unforgettable celebration of the diverse and beautiful stories that make each love story unique. Combined with the power of technology, this collaboration will bring love stories to life that is bound to touch hearts."

Akhtar added, “I am excited to be part of Cadbury Silk's Valentine's Day campaign. Collaborating on this campaign will allow me access to a lot of unique love stories that varied couples share. I will also get to craft these moments into beautifully animated short films through the magic of AI.  It's fun to be able to capture and share the essence of these special experiences in a new way. I look forward to adding my touch of creativity to make this Valentine's Day unforgettable for everyone involved.”

The brand has also launched a new ad film featuring Akhtar embodying the spirit of love that Cadbury Silk is known for.

Ogilvy India CCOs Kainaz Karmakar & Harshad Rajadhyaksha added, “Where there’s love, there’s a story. And there can’t be a better gift than your story made into your own AI movie. When Akshay Seth came to us with the ‘Story of Us’ we instantly loved it, but the execution was a challenge. It involved a partnership between Cadbury Silk x Zoya Akhtar x AI x Disney+Hotstar x Millions of personal stories! Since this is the first time customized AI video generation at scale is being attempted, it took a lot for all the moving parts to come together but they finally have. The interface, with Zoya Akhtar as your guide nudges you to dig into your story and pull out the best nuggets. Then AI will turn that into a mini movie featuring Avatars of the two of you. The best stories will feature as an anthology on the streaming platform Disney+Hotstar”.

Wavemaker India chief client officer & office head Shekhar Banerjee said, “Over the years, Cadbury Silk has leveraged technology to create unique and memorable experiences during Valentine’s Day. This year, we are taking it up a notch by transforming everyday moments of love into cinematic experiences, powered by AI and Zoya Akhtar. These AI-curated stories will be amplified through strategic media partnerships and personalized content collaborations with leading OTT and music platforms, as well as brand experience zones. Our ultimate goal is to make every couple’s Bollywood dream come true. As a result, we are excited to collaborate with top industry players to deliver unparalleled romantic experiences that will leave a lasting impression on our audience”.

Ogilvy India’s Creative Tech Team, led by Rajneesh Bolia, is using a proprietary tool to convert simple text input from the consumer into lovable character animations featuring the consumer. Built in-house to deliver personalized videos of moments shared by consumers, the team has successfully automated this unique AI-driven solution that is probably the world’s first in terms of use-case for a brand, the scale and the way it is automated and implemented.

Selected videos from the campaign will be featured on the streaming platform Disney+Hotstar, allowing consumers to share their love stories with a wider audience.