The Parzor Foundation, Madison BMB launch new Jiyo Parsi initiatives

The Parzor Foundation, Madison BMB launch new Jiyo Parsi initiatives

Bombay Parsi Punchayat, TISS, Mumbai, Federation of Zoroastrian Anjumans collaborate

Madison BMB

MUMBAI: The Parzor Foundation and Madison BMB along with Bombay Parsi Panchayat, TISS, Mumbai, and Federation of Zoroastrian Anjumans of India launched three new “Jiyo Parsi” initiatives including ‘Jiyo Parsi Care’, ‘Jiyo Phase III Campaign’, and ‘Jiyo Parsi Calendar’.

The event also had a panel discussion called ‘Not Just Milk and Sugar’ with speakers like, Oxon scholar of Zoroastrianism Anton Zykov, Madison World Diversified Communication group executive director Lara Balsara and Isprava head of new business and markets Kaiyan K Mistree talking about the importance of the ‘Jiyo Parsi’ initiative.

Speaking on the occasion chief guest Nauheed Cyrusi stressed the importance of both the medical and advocacy components of the programme and was delighted at the concept of Jiyo Parsi Care. This, she stated, makes it a programme connected with every aspect of community life and provides hope for the future.

Parzor Foundation president and the driving force behind the Jiyo Parsi movement Shernaz Cama said, “The Parsi community is ever grateful to the government of India for recognising the declining population and coming forward with financial help. With the launch of Jiyo Parsi Care, Jiyo Parsi now offers a complete service for young people offering counselling, advocacy, persuasion, and financial help and support in both having a baby and looking after the baby and their family elders."

Madison World chairman Sam Balsara said, “This is arguably the most satisfying project and campaign that I have been associated with in my life. It has been my pleasure to lend my professional expertise, acquired over decades to my community.”

Madison BMB CEO and CCO Raj Nair said, “The Jiyo Parsi campaigns have always focussed on reviving the Parsi community by encouraging marriage, children, family values and togetherness. Finding life partners and having children is by no means simple, so the attempt is to help with whatever’s required, whether witty, cheeky conversation starters and/or art. With a desktop calendar, we hope our communication serves as a daily reminder.”