Spykar Lifestyle launches campaign #DenimSideUp

Spykar Lifestyle launches campaign #DenimSideUp

The campaign celebrates the young and restless spirit

Spykar lifestyle

MUMBAI: Jeans-wear brand Spykar Lifestyle launched its new digital campaign ‘#DenimSideUp’ in collaboration with social media influencers from various walks of life to make an impact on the youth. The influencers have shared videos on their Instagram handles talking about their passions and the power of being authentic and at their best all the time.

The campaign is driven with hashtags #DenimSideU, #SpykarAW18, #YoungAndRestless, #DenimSquad, and #Spykar.

Spykar Lifestyle CEO Sanjay Vakharia said, “Spykar embodies the ideology of being passionate and speak your heart out, who follow their heart and trail their passions to accomplish their dreams in the most inspiring way. With the #DenimSideUp campaign, we are in conversation with today’s millennial with their stories making them stand out from the crowd. #DenimSideUp builds a sense of optimism, fun, and togetherness.”

Revealing the idea behind the campaign, an official statement by the brand reads, “Denim side up is an attitude - a way of life where you highlight your most authentic, original self, unafraid.  Denim Side Up campaign targeted the people who are passionate and who speak their heart out.”

It further states that the campaign has helped the brand in setting the parameter for its target audience, so the youth connects more to the brand.

“The challenge was to have the influencers sharing their denim side up story and creating a buzz amongst their followers. The campaign witnessed a positive response and took over social media, encouraging the youth icons of India to share their denim side up story and challenge their followers to do the same,” the statement reveals.