Spykar and Brodha V collaborate for a “Young and Restless” anthem

Spykar and Brodha V collaborate for a “Young and Restless” anthem

Spykar and Brodha V

MUMBAI: Spykar, India’s leading fashion denim brand for the youth and Brodha V, acclaimed rap artist come together to create a Young and Restless anthem for Spykar.

The young and Restless Anthem, composed, written and sung by Brodha V, embodies the spirit of the generation that stops at nothing and lives life at their own terms. The anthem celebrates this passion for all things that are in constant, ever-changing flux. It explores individuality, identity, freedom and celebrates the youthful spirit. Set in a catchy, snappy and melodious tune, the song is a mix of rap and melody, appealing to all music lovers.

Speaking about the association, Mr. Sanjay Vakharia, CEO, Spykar Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd, stated, “We are delighted to have the young talented rapper Brodha V compose the young & restless anthem for Spykar. Young & Restless is our brand’s philosophy that we believe, reflects our passion for all things best as well as the mindset of the millennial generation, that stop at nothing to get what they believe in.  Brodha V, a darling of this generation is a perfect fit to rap out the narrative, as he himself is one of them. This rap helps us speak to the youth in a language they understand best- Rap and Music.

Brodha V, India’s premier Rap artist adds, “ It’s been real fun working on the young & restless song. It was a natural flow for me as I truly believe in the restless spirit that I have too as well as the same love for doing the unthinkable, that all my fans also embody. It’s been a great experience working with Spykar and I truly believe that they imbibe this young & restless spirit in their fashion for the current generation. 

The rap was kicked off with a performance by Brodha V at the Bollywood Music Project on 21st October where Spykar was the style partner. The response received was overwhelming.