Myntra announces its latest campaign for FWD 'Spot it, Get it'

Myntra announces its latest campaign for FWD 'Spot it, Get it'

Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina appear in Myntra’s latest ad film.


Mumbai: Myntra, one of the leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle destinations, has unveiled the ad film for FWD, its immersive trend-first destination for Gen-Z, starring its new brand ambassadors Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina. As part of the campaign, ‘Spot it, Get it’, Khushi and Vedang appear in a film, highlighting FWD as the go-to destination for all viral fashion trends and its immersive experience that allows users to effortlessly transition from 'spotting' the viral fashion trends to 'getting' them on FWD, powered by Myntra’s photo-search feature.

Khushi, the quintessential fashionista, has already made waves with her personal style, while Vedang embodies a versatile and suave fashion sense, true to his personality. When it comes to fashion, Khushi and Vedang are already style icons among youth in their own right. The pair’s playful energy, stylish personas, matched with their vivacious charm, makes them a fitting dynamic duo to represent Myntra FWD. With the roll-out of the new ad film, Myntra aims to strengthen its bond with the Zoomers, further strengthening FWD as the go-to destination for the latest  trends and unmatched fashion experiences.

‘Spot it, Get it’, the revolutionary photo-search feature on Myntra, is designed to empower users with an effortless way to discover and shop for the hottest viral fashion trends available on FWD. When users come across a captivating fashion trend they wish to embrace, either spotted on a person anywhere, or on their favourite celeb on social media, or online, they can simply take a picture of that fashion trend and upload it through the photo search feature on the Myntra app. Once they ‘search’, the platform showcases a wide array of similar trend-first styles for the fashion-forward consumers. Android users can additionally simply ‘share’ the photo with 'Myntra' from the list of apps, to swiftly spot and access these extensive collections of trendiest styles from FWD on Myntra.

The new ad campaign speaks directly to the fashion-forward and tech-savvy youth, who are always in search of immersive shopping experiences and the latest viral fashion trends. FWD, with a whopping 67,000+ styles and eclectic mix of 500+ popular brands from across the globe, catering to both men and women, emerges as the ultimate answer to Gen-Z’s sartorial desires - offering just the shopping experience they want.

The campaign also focuses on how finding trends is made even simpler with Myntra’s one-of-a-kind photo-search feature. Therefore, individuals can instantly adopt styles of their favorite trendsetters as their own, in an instant, through FWD.

The campaign's core message reinforces FWD's status as the go-to destination for the freshest and trendiest looks. If there's a trending fashion, consumers will find it on FWD.

The film is set in the backdrop of viral fashion trends, where individuals are keen to get the admirable fashion they spot on others. The film opens with the camera zooming into the peephole of a swanky apartment and there the young Bollywood stars, Kapoor and Raina, as a couple sporting some hip styles, are seen getting ready for their outing. Through various situations, the film shows Khushi and Vedang being ‘spotted’ on the arrival of the elevator by other people  - a young couple, a pizza delivery boy, and a young woman - smitten by the fashion quotient and the outfits of Khushi and Vedang. As Khushi and Vedang turn to each other with a bemused expression and say ‘Spotted!’, the other individuals are shown dressed in similar clothing as theirs and say ‘Got It’ referring to the ease of accessing the desired look and now transformed through FWD.

The film thus follows the story of Kapoor and Raina who get a little closer to their destination each time they step out, before getting spotted. The film uses the creative device of a ‘reset’ - each time they're spotted they are transported back to the apartment where new worlds of trend come alive. The 'Spotted, Got it' scenarios highlight Myntra’s one-of-a-kind photo-search feature, which enables fashion-forwards  to simply use a picture to instantly shop for similar trends that are tailored to their preferences, thus making ‘Spotted, Got it' a reality.

Through the film, Kapoor and Raina rock uber stylish and trendy outfits from Myntra FWD, perfectly in sync with Gen-Z's fashion choices. Lively, upbeat music complements the whole setting, while the vibrant colors of the film resonate with Gen-Z's dynamic spirit and vibrant lifestyle. The film perfectly encapsulates the Gen-Z way of life that FWD represents, with trendy, edgy clothing and also subtly highlights all the features that will provide customers an exemplary experience.

Agency: Ideas Farm

Creative Credits: Jetesh Menon - Creative Head; Pratheek Rao - Art Director; Nikhil Rajani - Director; Priyanka Dey and Hardik Sanghavi - Business & Strategy Head; Pooja Shah - Servicing Head; Arnold Fernandes - DOP; Music Director - The Jam Room (Rahul-Nariman)

Production House: Carryon Films (Producer: Aditya D'cruz)

Commenting on the release of the ad film, Myntra senior director marketing Vijay Sharma said, “With Myntra FWD, we are building the hottest trends destination for the Gen-Z of India. FWD looks at the world of fashion from the Gen-Z lens. Through the ad film, starring faces of FWD - the trendsetters Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina - we invite our viewers into the world of FWD, a world  filled with the freshest fashion that helps you get noticed, while also focusing on our photo search feature that eases access to the latest trends in just a few seconds.”

Priyanka Dey, who heads business for the creative agency Ideas Farm said, "It was a unique opportunity to turn a functional feature-driven comms to an elevated brand world where not only is the feature at the front and centre but we were also able to ensure that a brand ethos gets created, without compromising on storytelling. We wanted to capture the essence of Gen-Z culture by blending fashion and romance with an interesting narrative that would appeal to them."

Myntra is implementing a 360-degree campaign approach, leveraging TV, Digital and Social platforms to deliver the campaign ad film across the nation.

Myntra FWD, an immersive fashion experience for Gen-Z on Myntra, offers an easy discovery of  an assortment of 67,000+ styles and access to an eclectic mix of 500+ popular brands from across the globe, catering to both men and women. Solving for the inspiration, discoverability, and access to emerging global fashion trends, FWD features some of the most popular brands on the platform, including H&M, Trendyol, bebe, Tokyo Talkies, Sassafras, Hersheinbox, Street 9, Athena, Bonkers Corner, Freakins and Boohoo, among others. FWD simplifies a user's shopping journey from trend-spotting to purchase, while also having a large influencer army to create relatable, stylish and inspirational content, for the digitally-savvy zoomers.