MyGlamm unveils #EatLikeAGlammGirl campaign with DVC featuring Shraddha Kapoor

MyGlamm unveils #EatLikeAGlammGirl campaign with DVC featuring Shraddha Kapoor

Enjoy your favorite treats without lipstick concerns with MyGlamm’s 'Ultimatte' collection.


Mumbai: MyGlamm is gearing up to make a statement with the launch of its exciting campaign and DVC, #EatLikeAGlammGirl, featuring actor, brand ambassador and investor Shraddha Kapoor.

The campaign brings a contemporary twist into the timeless tradition of savoring delectable treats while ensuring you remain glamorously beautiful all day long, with MyGlamm’s spotlight on the Ultimatte Collection. In a bid to redefine the experience, the campaign highlights that the right lipstick shade is as essential as sweets are to celebrations. MyGlamm’s #EatLikeAGlammGirl DVC reminds you to say goodbye to constant touch-ups and enjoy the festive treats, all while looking glamm.

Good Brands Co Good Glamm Group CEO Sukhleen Aneja said, “We want every woman to feel confident and beautiful, even while indulging in her favorite treats. Our #EatLikeAGlammGirl DVC campaign is a reminder that you can eat worry-free and look glamm all day long, with our MyGlamm Ultimatte Collection, designed to last long and stay transfer-proof .'

Actor, investor and MyGlamm brand ambassador Shraddha Kapoor, shared her excitement, "With festivity around the corner, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy to the fullest, and that's exactly what MyGlamm's #EatLikeAGlammGirl campaign is all about. With the Ultimatte Collection, you can relish every bite of your favorite treats while maintaining a perfect pout. I am thrilled to be part of this campaign and can't wait to see everyone 'eating like a Glamm Girl' without having to worry about their touch-ups."

The #EatLikeAGlammGirl campaign is not just about lipsticks; it's a celebration of self-confidence, indulgence, and staying glamorous effortlessly.

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