Manforce Condoms unveils new campaign #VotingVirgin

Manforce Condoms unveils new campaign #VotingVirgin

It urges first-time voters to cast votes actively.


Mumbai: Manforce Condoms from the house of Mankind Pharma has rolled out its new campaign #VotingVirgin that resonates with the spirit of election season. The campaign’s initiative is to boost voter turnout by motivating first-time voters to actively participate in the forthcoming elections for a better future of the country.

In a lighthearted and witty exchange, two friends engage in a conversation about their first-time experiences. One expresses excitement, having heard stories from others until now. Meanwhile, the other friend lightens the mood with a humorous quip. Later, the friend and his girlfriend head to an election booth to embark on their first voting experience together.

As per the reports by Election Commission of India, this year approximately 1.85 crore people will be eligible for first-time voting. With the campaign the brand aspires to capture the attention of first-time voters and initiate humorous and quirky conversations that resonate with the interest of the audience while drawing parallels with the voting activity.  

Speaking on the occasion, Mankind Pharma associate VP, sales and marketing head Joy Chatterjee said, “Our objective has always been to come up with certain topics that address important subjects, and voting plays a significant role in shaping our nation’s future. We came up with the creative idea of drawing a connection between voting virgins and its playful connotation to intrigue the first-time voters. Through this campaign, we endeavor to not only spark curiosity but also to instill a sense of active engagement, ultimately motivating them to actively participate in the voting process.”

Grapes co-founder and CEO Shradha Agarwal said, “The campaign comes with a groundbreaking concept, enabling the audience to see everything from a new perspective. Abiding by the conviction of the brand, the narrative effectively touches upon the important topic of voting in an unconventional way. It amplifies the reception of messaging among the youngsters, acquainting them about the significance of each vote.”