Kamdhenu Paints launches 'Be Indian Buy Indian' campaign

Kamdhenu Paints launches 'Be Indian Buy Indian' campaign

The campaign will encourage people to buy “Made In India” products

Kamdhenu Paints

MUMBAI: Kamdhenu Paints has launched a new social media campaign to amplify PM Modi's message of being “Vocal For Local” and self-reliability as the country emerges from the shadows of Covid2019. The extended lockdown conditions have forced shops and factories to close their business which has impacted the economy adversely.

The campaign "Be Indian Buy Indian" will encourage all Indians to buy "Made in India" products by using only some specially curated creatives on the social media platforms. The campaign will also encourage citizens to look for Made in India tags just as they check manufacturing date and MRP of items before buying any product. This simple principle, if followed, will help the country as to rebuild its economy and become self-reliant.

Kamdhenu had also run a successful social media campaign previously in support of the Janta Curfew called by the Prime Minister on 22 March. Kamdhenu had also launched a social media campaign - India Mil Kar Fight Karo Na: Together we will defeat Corona, to spread awareness on Covid2019.

Kamdhenu Ltd director Saurabh Agarwal said: “The fight against the pandemic Covid2019 is a joint effort by the government and citizens of the country. Kamdhenu Paints, as a responsible Indian Company has been doing its bit in contributing to the fight. By leveraging social media platforms to promote awareness and by standing firmly behind the government in its effort, we hope to have played our part and we will continue with our initiatives to reach out to registered painters and other needy in help.”

As lockdown guidelines are being relaxed incrementally, we must continue to co-operate with the government and care for each other as a society. With the economy suffering because of the lockdown, this is the time for us, as citizens to listen to the appeal made by PM Modi and buy locally produced goods and services only. Kamdhenu Paints encourages everyone to follow all safety guidelines issued by the government and we will continue to stand with the government in its initiatives.