Jet-set-go with KFC's International Burger Fest

Jet-set-go with KFC's International Burger Fest

The campaign films feature Colonel Sanders presenting the world's crispiest, juiciest burgers.


Mumbai: A dreamy getaway to Mexico. Sunny days spent on a Caribbean beach. Hours spent strolling the streets of America.

It’s that time of the year when vacations and adventures are on everyone’s mind. Attention wanderlusters – KFC has the perfect itinerary for you.

Presenting the International Burger Festival.

Five distinct Zinger Burgers inspired by global flavours.

In the new campaign launched on 18 April, the OG celebrity chef Colonel Sanders is all set to take consumers on the adventure of a lifetime. All KFC fans need to do is ‘take a bite, take a flight’ to experience diverse flavours from across the globe – India, America, Mexico, and Caribbean.

Speaking about the campaign, KFC India & partner countries CMO Aparna Bhawal said, "The burgers category has immense growth potential in India; and KFC Zinger burger is the OG, with a special place in consumers’ hearts. With the International Burger Fest, we are offering burger lovers an entire range of different Zingers. No matter what one’s burger craving is - whether spicy or mild, classic American flavours or bold Mexican ones, chicken or paneer - KFC has a Zinger for it. Our new campaign thought “Take a Bite, Take a Flight” illustrates how food has the power to transport you to different places. With International Burger Fest, consumers get a passport to experience global flavours at their nearest KFC. We are already seeing great offtake for the different burgers and are confident that consumers will keep coming back to try the variety of burgers in the range.”  

The campaign films feature relatable moments almost every travel lover often faces – the urge to celebrate everything with a trip. The first film opens at a KFC restaurant where a son is seen trying to convince his father to celebrate the last day of his exams with a trip to the Caribbean, Mexico or America. But looking at the answer sheet which reads 2/100 in big, bold letters, the father is unlikely to send him anywhere. Enter Colonel Sanders, who cooly tells the skeptical father, ‘Daddy, let him go!’ and presents them with the crispiest and juiciest Zinger Burgers from around the world.

The second film in the series will show three friends sitting together. One of them dreams of becoming the next big travel vlogger and has her phone on a selfie stick while she records her next vlog saying, “Ab mere followers ke liye, next vlog…Caribbean, Mexico, America”. Her two friends are not too sure of the vlog’s success as they say, “Followers hain sirf teen. Baith ja travel queen!”. Enter Colonel Sanders, who humorously tells the friends “Bro – let her go!”, before introducing them to the five crispy, juicy burgers that are a part of the International Burger Fest.

Ogilvy India (North) CCO Ritu Sharda said, “Most of us fantasize about travel. And the most important part of going abroad is the different kinds of tastes you get to experience. With KFC launching its international burgers, we found a sweet spot between taste and travel, right inside a KFC. Let your taste buds travel because exotic destinations are just a zinger away. As the colonel says: Take a Bite, Take a Flight.”

The campaign will run on TV and digital platforms, along with a robust 360-degree plan.  

The International Burger Fest has a range of options made with 100 per cent real chicken. Enjoy the timeless American Classic Zinger, take a spicy ride with the Caribbean Spicy Zinger, indulge in the bold flavours of the Mexican Pro Zinger, or enjoy the Indian Tandoori Zinger. As part of the International Burger Fest, KFC is introducing the all-new Paneer Zinger.

Get set to ‘take a bite, take a flight’ with KFC’s International Zinger Fest available at your nearest KFC restaurant or order online through the all-new app or website Every bite is a step closer to your next adventure!