IAB Tech Lab's Podcast Group proposes measurement updates

IAB Tech Lab's Podcast Group proposes measurement updates

Industry stakeholders invited to shape the future of Podcast Measurement with their feedback

Brendan Kelly and Anthony Katsur

Mumbai:  IAB Tech Lab, the global digital advertising technical standards-setting body, has announced the latest advancements in podcast measurement with the release of Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines v2.2. The updates are now available for public comment, until 23 March and the Podcast Working Group invites all podcast companies and industry stakeholders to provide feedback within the next 30 days.

As the podcasting landscape continues to evolve, the need for enhanced metrics and improved filtering logic in server-side measurement becomes crucial. The primary objective of the Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines v2.2 is to address the challenges faced in measuring downloads of the podcast audio file, where client-side confirmation of ad play is typically unavailable from the player apps that consumers use for listening to their favourite shows. This server-side measurement guidance published by IAB Tech Lab is unique in the industry, setting the gold standard for reliable and transparent podcast measurement.

“With the release of Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines v2.2, IAB Tech Lab reaffirms its commitment to adapting to the dynamic technology and practices in the podcasting industry,” said IAB Tech Lab CEO Anthony Katsur. “We urge the entire podcast ecosystem to review the guidelines and actively participate in the feedback process. Your input is instrumental in shaping the future of podcast measurement and the growth of this valuable inventory for an audience that tends to be more deeply focused on the content.”

IAB Tech Lab will also be revising the Podcast Measurement Compliance guidance embracing these enhanced metrics and measurement practices. The compliance program empowers podcast companies to compete fairly, ensuring that their inventory metrics align with industry standards certified by a third party. This certification fosters trust among buyers of podcast inventory, paving the way for more reliable and transparent advertising transactions.

“Audio makes up 31 per cent of media consumption, but just 9 per cent of ad spend. To help the medium reach its full potential in advertising and welcome more marketers into the space, we’re proud to work with the IAB Tech Lab to make podcast measurement easier, more transparent, and more standard,” said SiriusXM Media director, Ad Quality Brendan Kelly. “We will wholeheartedly adopt these enhanced metrics and measurement practices to further advance this work.”

The Podcast Technical Working Group includes leading industry players, and key stakeholders, who recognize the significance of aligning industry practices and fostering consistency in measuring podcast inventory, promoting fairness, and building trust among podcast companies and buyers. Their collaborative efforts have been essential in shaping the Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines v2.2 into an all-encompassing solution for the industry.