House of Glenfiddich unveils "Where Next?" campaign in India

House of Glenfiddich unveils "Where Next?" campaign in India

Campaign celebrates irrepressible individuals who forged their own paths by challenging the status

House of Glenfiddich

Mumbai: House of Glenfiddich - Art, Travel & Beyond, a luxury lifestyle brand, unveils its campaign ‘Where Next?’ The campaign focuses on celebrating irrepressible individuals who have forged their own paths by challenging the status quo. The series celebrates the individuals who embraced the unknown and carved their journey against the odds.

The limited series has been conceptualised by Havas Worldwide and Disney+ Hotstar CreativeWorks with William Grant & Sons and enabled by DDB Mudramax, with the production handled exclusively by Disney+ Hotstar CreativeWorks (the branded content, creative, and innovation studio of Disney+ Hotstar). It showcases the inspiring journeys of four celebrities - Sushmita Sen, Zoya Akhtar, Salim Merchant, and Vikas Khanna, who have pushed boundaries in their journey of embracing the unknown, often asking the question ‘Where Next?’ These pioneers exemplify the essence of tenacity and determination, truly showcasing what it takes to achieve success. The four-part series will be available exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, will delve into their journey and highlight the unwavering passion, the relentless pursuit of their dreams and resetting to new ones.  

Commenting on the campaign launch, William Grant & Sons Pvt Ltd country director – India Sachin Mehta said, "We are thrilled to unveil the 'Where Next?' series – a series celebrating the remarkable journeys of extraordinary individuals who have navigated uncharted paths. At the House of Glenfiddich - Art, Travel & Beyond, we celebrate those who challenge norms, embracing vulnerability and continuously set new challenges for themselves. The Where Next campaign recognizes and honours this spirit of exploration and innovation. Through these captivating stories we aim to inspire the next gen of innovators to chart their unique paths of discovery.”

Sushmita Sen, Bollywood Actress, Entrepreneur, said, “I am honoured to be a part of the 'Where Next?' campaign by the House of Glenfiddich - Art, Travel & Beyond. This campaign perfectly encapsulates the essence of life by celebrating those who discovered the world beyond their comfort zone. One of the things I found to be incredibly significant that helped me get to where I am today was being able to do things on my own terms. I am excited to inspire the world with my journey and ask them 'Where Next?' as they create their extraordinary stories.”

Zoya Akhtar, Indian Film Director, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur said, "As a storyteller, I've always believed in exploring new narratives and pushing the creative boundary that’s been set.  
Being a part of the House of Glenfiddich’s ‘Where Next?’ the campaign has been amazing as one gets very few chances to talk about this aspect of the journey, to discuss the essence of what it means when you say "dare to dream."

The sentiments echoed by Vikas Khanna, Indian Chef, Entrepreneur, “Where Next? Is truly a question that I always have in my mind. As a chef, author and filmmaker, my journey has always been about the relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. It all started with wondering what else I could do next. Because I knew if I stop evolving, I wouldn’t reach where I am today. Being recognized as a part of House of Glenfiddich’s campaign has been an incomparable experience, and I hope my story will help inspire others to constantly ask themselves the ‘Where Next?’ question!”

Salim Merchant, Music Composer, Entrepreneur said, 'My life has been a beautiful journey of experimenting with diverse melodies and crafting music that touches every soul.’ Where Next?' campaign with its spirit of celebrating passion, mirrors the very essence of my musical pursuit. Being part of the campaign is a humbling experience, and I am excited to share my journey with the world. I hope it resonates with others, inspiring them to embark on their own creative journeys and pursue their passion.”

The first episode will premiere exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar on 29 December 2023 to celebrate the remarkable journey of Sushmita Sen, followed by three more episodes in the weeks that follow.

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