Flair Writing Industries Ltd launches “Bas Flair aur Kuch nahi” campaign with Ranveer Singh

Flair Writing Industries Ltd launches “Bas Flair aur Kuch nahi” campaign with Ranveer Singh

This heartfelt campaign revives the nostalgia of writing, taking you on a journey through time.


Mumbai: Flair Writing Industries Ltd (FWIL), the largest player in the pens segment in India is proud to introduce its latest brand campaign, 'Bas Flair Aur Kuch Nahi' with the charismatic and infectious Bollywood superstar, Ranveer Singh. This creative and heartfelt campaign is designed to take you on a journey through time, rekindling the warmth and nostalgia associated with the art of writing.

In a fast-paced digital age, where technology often takes centre stage, Flair Writing Industries Ltd (FWIL) believes that there is a timeless charm to putting pen to paper. The brand has also dropped another TVC ‘Likh Ke Du Kya’ which highlights the unique feature of Flair Writometer, emphasizing its ability to write for a long duration showing Ranveer Singh in his signature high-spirited style as the brand Flair Writometer can write up to 10,000 meters.

Through these ads, FWIL is on a mission to remind people of the emotional power of handwritten words. This campaign will evoke cherished memories associated with writing by hand, from love letters exchanged in school to postcards from family vacations, to transport you to another time, to bring back fond memories, and to connect with your inner storyteller. 'Bas Flair Aur Kuch Nahi' is a celebration of the rich history of writing instruments and the personal narratives they hold," said Flair Writing Industries Ltd director Mohit Rathod.

For decades, FWIL’s brands have commanded credibility in the market due to their emphasis on innovation and design, which has further driven brand recognition and customer loyalty. The latest TVC campaign lays an emphasis on their commitment to delivering quality writing instruments that understand the needs of their customers.

Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh shared, “Flair Writing Industries Limited (FWIL)” is highlighting the celebration of nostalgia, which is a strong sentiment and inviting individuals of all generations to reconnect with the simple pleasure of using a pen. I am extremely happy to be associated with “Flair”, our homegrown writing instrument brand which has touched millions of hearts over the years with its wide range of offerings".

The TVC captures Ranveer Singh in his signature style, showcasing the innovation, design and quality of Flair pens in various settings, from the boardroom to the classroom, and from the office to the studio.

FWIL exports it’s various product ranges to over 97 countries around the world as of 31 March 2023. It also specialises in the OEM business with clients, including major global brands. A dynamic sales team of 900 sales professionals, over 7750 distributors & over 3,15,000 retailers and wholesalers across India are relentlessly conquering new markets, helping FWIL achieve a solid pan-India presence. Innovative production facilities make Flair Writing Industries Ltd (FWIL) a company to have capacity to produce more than 200 crore pieces annually.

Flair Writing Industries Ltd’s extensive product range comprises of metal pens, ball pens, gel pens, fountain pens, roller pens, and stationery products such as correction pens, markers, hi-lighters, mechanical pencils and calculators. The company also has launched a creative range of products such as gel crayons, wax crayons, plastic crayons, watercolour pens, oil pastels, fineliners, erasers, sharpeners, geometry boxes, and much more.