Brands encourage us to ‘colour with care' this Holi

Brands encourage us to ‘colour with care' this Holi

This time around, Holi ad campaigns advise revelry with responsible care.


NEW DELHI: The festival of colours is just round the corner but with Covid2019 showing no signs of giving a respite, celebrations look to be muted this year. Last year, it may be recalled, it was not long after Holi that the first nationwide lockdown was imposed on 24 March 2020. A year later things don’t seem to have changed much. After a steady drop in caseloads for some months, infection rates are again on an upward trajectory in several states and union territories, forcing authorities to impose either a complete ban or restrictions on the celebrations. However, as the weather warms up and vaccinations increase, there is a glimmer of hope among the masses that this year will turn out different.

Given the resilient consumer sentiment, brands too, have drawn up optimistic but cautious promotions for Holi, to make up for subdued festivities. Here’s a look at some Holi campaigns that stood out this year:

Surf excel – Rang Achhe hain!

A case in point is Surf Excel’s Holi campaign, which showcases how people can still have fun and be inventive while maintaining social distancing as they play with colours. The daag acche hain brand has released a special campaign for the festival of colours. The film looks to address the emotional need of connecting with loved ones with a heart-warming story featuring a young child wanting to play Holi with an elderly man called Rancho.

With this new Holi ad, Surf excel celebrates the spirit of togetherness, with the overarching message being how the colours of Holi can bring hearts together, even though there may be physical distance between us. “Jo dilon ko paas laayein, woh rang achhe hain!”

Parachute urges to #ProtectWhatYouCareFor

Parachute has come out with a Holi special ad which focuses on how hair needs extra protection during the festival of colours. The ad showcases how the festival can be a war against hair, with the chemical-laden colours and elements. And hence Parachute Advansed Gold Coconut Hair oil to the rescue! Containing pure coconut oil, enriched with vitamin E which strengthens the hair from within it is the perfect antidote to your crowning glory-worries on Holi day, says the ad. “Holi ke iss battlefield mein utarne ke liye apne balon ko rakhein taiyyar Parachute Advansed ke 10x deep protection ke saath.”

Kamdhenu Paints unveils #ColourWithCare safe Holi

Kamdhenu paints launched a digital campaign for a safe Holi. The campaign titled “ColourWithCare” went live from 26 March on its social media handles, Facebook and Instagram. The campaign aims to deliver the social message that ‘Holi doesn’t give you any free pass to disrespect women. Play with dignity.’ #ColourWithCare

Shopclues’ Holi sale for safe, non-disruptive celebrations

Online marketplace ShopClues has announced Holi special merchandise consisting of products relevant for outdoor, as well as indoor celebration of the festival of colors. Understanding the safety concerns, the etailer aims to prompt the consumers to have intimate yet undisruptive festive celebrations. This year, with regards to the restrictions and safety measurements, ShopClues encourages consumers to celebrate the festival with minimum exposure to the external environment. The e-commerce platform will be offering festive food such as refreshing thandai and delectable gujiyas in addition to Holi specific merchandise ranging from organic colors, trendy pichkaris, festive apparel at an affordable price range. The e-commerce platform is also providing gifting service with Holi gift packs for customers who are observing social distancing but want to send across specially curated gifts and combos to their loved ones.     

Gas-O-Fast Ayurvedic Holi ke rang Gas-O-Fast ke sang

Holi is also about indulging in a variety of cuisines, sweets and savouries with friends and family. And that is a joy Mankind Pharma’s antacid brand Gas-O-Fast does not want to deprive you of. Traditional Holi cuisines like gujiya, rasmalai, malpua, fritters and many other dishes, while delicious, may lead to gas, acidity and cast a shadow on a happy day.

With the properties of natural cumin and asafetida variants, Gas-O-Fast claims to fight against acidity, gas and indigestion, that can hijack the occasion of joy and celebration. And there are many culinary highlights of Holi - Brand ambassador Saurabh Shukla says, this Holi, celebrate the love for food with Gas-O-Fast: “Holi ke anek rango aur pakwaano ka maza uthaayein Gas-O-Fast asli jeera ghar layein!”

The video has been promoted across all social media platforms. The brand has also come up with a contest to engage with their audience. The Facebook-driven contest which will last for five days consists of three different Holi-centric activities.

Lotus Organics+ & NGO Antarkranti’s Holi Spring Ritu-al box

Skincare brand Lotus Organics+ has launched its 2021 Holi campaign in collaboration with Antarkranti, a lead organisation in India working to prevent crime through interventions with prisoners. The campaign will reveal the “Holi Spring Ritu-al Box” containing organic skincare products from Lotus Organics+ that are extremely skin-friendly and apt for Holi. Comprising a skin-friendly selection of pre-Holi skincare (sunscreen) and post-Holi skincare products (face wash, exfoliator for face & skin, face crème), the box also includes complimentary gifts such as packs of 100 per cent handmade gulal from Antarkranti.

A high impact social media campaign communicates the creation of a special Holi Spring Ritual box with organic skin care products from the brand and handmade natural gulal made by released prisoners using edible grade ingredients, flowers, and food colours. All proceeds from the sale of Antarkranti products provide livelihood and rehabilitation opportunities to the prisoners, says the brand.

Livpure Sleep’s Colourful Day, Blissful Night

Celebrating festivals under the shadow of a pandemic has become the new normal, and this is having wide-ranging implications for brands and also shaping consumer sentiments. Mattress brand Livpure Sleep says that consumer behaviour shows most people would want to spend this Holi with their close ones in their homes itself. And after a hectic day of Holi, you need a night of a calming sleep. The brand doesn’t want it’s consumers to lose their sleep in this pandemic. Thus, with the tagline, “Colourful Day, Blissful Night”, it’s focus is on giving a perfect environment to sleep after the hectic festive Holi day.