BOMBAY SAPPHIRE launches “Saw this, Made this” campaign

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE launches “Saw this, Made this” campaign

Reimagines iconic landmarks to BOMBAY SAPPHIRE craft cocktails.


Mumbai: BOMBAY SAPPHIRE brings its global campaign “Saw This, Made This”, by introducing city- inspired crafted cocktail experiences to imbibers in India on World Creativity Day.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’s stir creativity  aims to revive and enable creative self-expression amongst the audience as the world around us is overflowing with inspiration. With a strong belief in the creative potential that  exists within everyone, waiting to be sparked by the most unexpected things, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’s “Saw this Made This” campaign aims for us to get inspired by the landmarks, natural art or beauty around us and riff on it to create an extraordinary new art. It also aims at bartenders to get inspired from the cities we live in and craft a BOMBAY SAPPHIRE special cocktail.

This exciting initiative will see the activation in top bars, transforming India’s iconic landmarks into a living cocktail canvas across the country, each drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy and distinct characters, promising a crafted libation that reflects its essence.

The endeavor offers gin enthusiasts a combination of India’s rich tapestry and art of mixology. Each cocktail in this city-inspired menu is a tribute to the vibrant locales that define the essence of India. For instance, the beauty of the intricate details of Taj Mahal’s majestic minarets in Agra, the vibrant queen’s necklace of Mumbai, the delicate pink trumped trees of Bengaluru's Cubbon Park and the laid-back charm of the tall palm trees in Goa's Parra Road. Infusing the essence of each of these beloved destinations into each sip, the cocktails transport drinkers on a captivating journey through the heart and soul of India's vibrant landscapes.

“What I’ve found surprising is that so many things that could be quite ordinary until someone shows what it could be turned into. For us at BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, we’ve seen how bartenders have crafted their cocktails because they saw something in these cities that they’ve fallen in love with. The campaign is something that a lot of bartenders have taken to heart. We’ve heard so many stories from bartenders about how they’ve had a new love for their craft, and discover this renewed, creative energy and inspiration,” said Bacardi India marketing director Mahesh Kanchan.

This isn’t just a city-inspired menu, it is about unlocking our inner artist. More than a mixologist; we are a curator of creativity, a partner in self-expression.

Let BOMBAY SAPPHIRE be the catalyst of the imaginative journey and together, let's stir the spirit of creativity with “Saw This Made This”.