Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli partner with 'Unseen' for Livspace's spooktacular campaign

Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli partner with 'Unseen' for Livspace's spooktacular campaign

The campaign adds a horror-comic twist to highlight interior issues from poor materials.


Mumbai: Following the success of last year's campaign, which featured brand ambassadors Anushka and Virat, Livspace, one of Asia’s largest omnichannel renovations & interiors platform has launched its 2023 brand campaign, 'Livspace your space- Season 2.' The campaign aims to showcase the evolving roles of homes in our lives and how Livspace enables you to maximize the potential of each room within your home.

Livspace CMO Kartikeya Bhandari said, “This year we are bringing back 'Livspace your space' for a second innings with our brand ambassadors Virat & Anushka. We added an element of horror coupled with humor to our films this time around, while also reiterating our commitment to redefining living spaces with the best in class materials and designs. The campaign films are poised to strike a chord with a wide-ranging audience, further cementing our standing as the No 1 Home Interiors Brand in the country. We are extremely excited to time these around the cricket world cup fervor that grips our nation and will employ a media mix of digital, social and CTV to engage with our audiences.”

"Livspace your Space”, Season 2 stars Virat and Anushka as an upper-middle-class couple facing surprising interior issues in their supposedly comfortable home. Initially, it appears to be a ghostly horror story, but it soon turns into a humorous tale of their interactions with unconventional ‘spirits’, all trying to fix their interior design problems. The films were conceptualized by TILT and directed by Corcoise Films.

Tilt Brand Solutions chief creative officer Adarsh Atal shared his insights, saying, “On Livspace, we have always attempted to push the envelope every year. The thing with poor quality interiors is that they continue to play on your mind as you have to literally live with them and in the house you have made. This insight gave us the springboard for our creative device, where we see different kinds of ghosts, ghouls and scary entities trying to scare Virat and Anushka at their home, but what’s really haunting them are the poor quality interiors. The first of the series is already live with more to come!.”

The campaign maintains its central focus on quality in both material and design. It delves into the human tendency to seek certainty and routine, demonstrating how unexpected disruptions stemming from subpar home interiors can become a relentless source of distress. The campaign emphasizes the significance of investing in high-quality materials and designs to create a sanctuary of comfort, guarding against potential nightmares caused by inferior interior choices.

With this campaign, Livspace aims to create strong brand recall and deepen its connection with customers across different regions. Launching concurrently with the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup, the campaign will employ a multi-faceted approach, including a strategic blend of digital and social media, along with connected television, to engage with relevant audiences.

The campaign comprises a series of four videos, including two 10-second clips and two 30-second clips. All four videos will be rolled out with a two-week gap between each launch. The campaign is set to span across eight weeks.