Zomato launches ZEAL: Wheelchair accessible rest points for delivery partners

Zomato launches ZEAL: Wheelchair accessible rest points for delivery partners

Zomato's disability day tribute: Barrier-free rest points in Delhi, Bangalore


Mumbai: In its continued endeavour of providing equitable access to opportunities for all, Zomato, India’s food ordering and delivery platform, is working towards making its rest points in metro cities wheelchair accessible. This initiative is focused on ensuring hassle-free movement of its wheelchair-bound delivery partner fleet. Starting with transforming two shelter points, one located in Delhi and the other in Bangalore into barrier-free spaces for wheelchair-bound delivery partners, Zomato is committed to building inclusiveness across the value chain and fostering a more convenient infrastructure and built environment.

Acknowledging the immense potential of individuals with disabilities, Zomato has taken proactive steps towards creating a holistic and inclusive environment for all. The firm currently has 300 persons with locomotor disabilities as delivery partners in its fleet, under its flagship project ZEAL (Zomato’s Equitable Action for Livelihood).

Launched earlier this year, these rest points are part of Zomato’s ‘Shelter Project,’ a groundbreaking initiative focused on creating a more supportive gig environment for the last-mile delivery partners of various companies. These well-ventilated spaces are equipped with comfortable seating, charging points, washrooms, high-speed internet, helpdesk, first-aid support, free Wi-Fi, and access to food options. The project's purposeful design offers dedicated spaces for delivery partners to rejuvenate and relax between deliveries, fostering their physical and mental well-being.

Commenting on the announcement, Zomato chief sustainability officer Anjalli Ravi Kumar, said, “At Zomato, we are constantly working towards creating a safe and inclusive working environment for all stakeholders. By making these rest points wheelchair accessible, we are focused on empowering the last-mile delivery partners with various abilities. We are grateful for our association with Tejasvi Surya and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, who helped revamp the shelter in Bangalore and New Delhi respectively.  As we continue to grow, we will work towards expanding this initiative and accommodate the diverse needs of delivery partners.”