'What if people Vlogged their periods’, ask Paree in its latest campaign

'What if people Vlogged their periods’, ask Paree in its latest campaign

Collaborates with influencer Kusha Kapila to open up dialogue on menstrual topics.


Mumbai: Women-centric hygiene brand Paree has been promoting progressive and open dialogue to address the 'real issues' related to menstrual hygiene. Be it rashes, heavy flow, or conversation with the family, it has believed in normalising the conversation around menstruation.

Keeping this thought in mind, Paree has launched the digital campaign #APadThatBreathes with Kusha Kapila and other influencers to introduce the newest addition to its premium product range – Paree Prima Sanitary Pads and Panty liners through creative and humorous content.

As a part of the campaign, the videos by Kusha Kapila and other influencers hilariously depict the situation ‘if people vlogged their periods’. The campaign is a step forward in starting a discussion on an important subject and highlights the most important aspect of a sanitary pad- its breathability, and the benefits that Paree PRIMA offers even during heavy flow days.



With over eight lakh views on Instagram alone, the campaign has grabbed eyeballs, even as it triggers crucial conversations around rarely-openly-discussed menstruation-related anomalies and worries experienced by nearly half our population.

Soothe Healthcare founder & CEO Sahil Dharia said, “We are a women-centric brand, who understands her hygiene needs. Paree's brand proposition has always been of HEAVY FLOW CHAMPION and with this launch, we want to focus on the premium offering giving her a gentle and irritation-free experience. To launch Paree Prima we took the route of wit and humour to open the dialogue on the importance of her needs and features that a woman looks for in the product. Through this campaign, our call to action for women is to provide them with the pad which lets them breathe and keeps them fresh at all times.”

Commenting on the association with Kusha Kapila, Marketing general manager Samta Datta said, “Launching premium products during a pandemic, especially with severe restrictions around, can demand marketing to start with innovative thinking. With the Paree Prima launch, we intend to break the culture of silence in the category with a touch of humor. An intimate & funny glimpse of the period blues is the kind of content that our TG will engage on their phones today”.

Paree Prima packaging being a mono carton comes with a biodegradable pouch so that the pad can be disposed of in an environmentally safe way, the brand said. The products are exclusively available on Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart & Purplle, for now.