Swiggy launches "Learning Station" to empower restaurant partners

Swiggy launches "Learning Station" to empower restaurant partners

Swiggy partner app embeds custom business growth Content for the microlearning platform


Mumbai: Swiggy, India's leading on-demand convenience platform, has launched the “Learning Station”, an advanced digital learning academy to support restaurant partner growth.

Seamlessly integrated into the Swiggy partner app, Learning Station provides a wide variety of courses tailored to support restaurant partners in their journey towards success. The content is curated to meet the specific learning needs of restaurant partners at different stages of their engagement with Swiggy. It delivers short, simple, engaging, and easy-to-understand content in audio-visual formats. This content focuses on utilizing tech tools, leveraging data for business growth, and mastering various aspects of restaurant operations.

Courses cover essential topics such as refining menus to match changing preferences, making the most of effective advertising strategies, using discounts strategically to engage customers, and gaining valuable insights into steering restaurant businesses towards continuous growth.

Some of the intriguing courses include -

How to Boost Your Online Presence: Guiding partners in improving their online visibility

How to Choose the Right Ad Campaigns: Helping partners master advertising techniques

Delivering Outstanding Customer Experiences: Providing insights into exceptional customer service.

The Learning Station is accessible to all the 3,00,000 restaurant partners. Aligning with its foundational values of curiosity and perpetual learning, Swiggy's launch of the Learning Station reflects its commitment to fostering restaurant partners' progress through learning.

Aravind Manoj, a restaurant partner from Good Day, Chennai shared his experience with Learning Station, “I have learned a lot from Learning Station! When I was on-boarded on Swiggy I was trained to carry out basic actions like logging in, receiving orders, etc. but with Learning Station I got to know much more about how to do better business by learning important aspects like menu updates, photoshoot guidelines, and more. I’d like to see more content on Learning Station.”

Swiggy head of supply Swapnil Bajpai expressed, “The Learning Station is a big step in our goal to help our restaurant partners succeed. At Swiggy, we're all about making our partners' experiences better and helping them grow. The Learning Station is a way for us to provide valuable resources and education to empower our partners. We're fully committed to giving our partners the best support and opportunities to succeed."