RIO launches new campaign on Menstrual Hygiene day

RIO launches new campaign on Menstrual Hygiene day


RIO-Heavy Flow Pads, the only sanitary pad you will ever need to manage heavy flow, from the Nobel Hygiene family, launched a new campaign today to coincide with the upcoming Menstrual Hygiene Day to raise awareness about the challenges that women face due to heavy flow. 

In our society, women have normalized the extremeness of their period due to lack of awareness about heavy flow and therefore do not realize that their condition might require them to use different products than the norm. This often results in leakage, staining, the napkin overflowing, a higher rate of infections because of leaving on a full pad for longer than it should in addition to rashes and discomfort because of having to compensate by using multiple pads at once. All of these are signs of poor menstrual hygiene practices.

This Menstrual Hygiene Day i.e, 28 May 2020, RIO addresses this issue via a campaign with a series of analogies to showcase how women feel when they use a regular napkin during heavy flow and calls out the oxymoronic habit that we have become accustomed with. This is questioned through instances that elaborate on the need for the usage of the right product that can handle heavy flow, which is essential for good menstrual hygiene.

Sharing his views on the campaign, Kartik Johari, Vice-President, Nobel Hygiene said “An overwhelming majority of women in India who suffer from heavy flow are undiagnosed and ill-informed about their condition. We understand that the journey from using a cloth to sanitary napkins has been a long and arduous one. However, this needs to be refined further as a few sizes do not fit all. There are a lot of missed sizes in between that lead to hygiene issues that need to be addressed. And a huge chunk of it deals with heavy flow which has so far been ignored.

With this campaign, we want to reach out to women and help raise awareness about the repercussions that ignoring and not recognizing heavy flow as a unique condition might have on their bodies. It also raises awareness about how the usage of the right products can help maintain good menstrual hygiene to a large extent. The normalization of this condition cannot continue in the interest of their wellbeing. The campaign will show solidarity with women facing this challenge and let them know they are not alone along with busting age-old myths surrounding this condition.”

The campaign will also create awareness and education on the brand’s blog articles about good menstrual hygiene practice, busting myths and about sanitary pads including the purpose of wings and length of pads.

The campaign will be showcased on their Instagram page @theriopads and Facebook page @theRIOpads. The concept has been put together by Schbang. Brand Pages:

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