#NekiHiDariya: Tata Motors celebrates goodness this Ramadan

#NekiHiDariya: Tata Motors celebrates goodness this Ramadan

The ad will be promoted during the holy month of Ramadan.

Tata Motors

NEW DELHI: Tata Motors has rolled out a new campaign for the holy month of Ramadan. Named Celebrating Goodness with Tata Motors, the commercial endeavours to instil optimism and provide solace during the challenging pandemic times. 

The ad conceptualised and developed by creative agency Ogilvy India aims to spread cheerfulness and delight through #NekiHiDariya, the path of righteousness and good deeds, thus keeping the true spirit of Ramadan. 

The film depicts a group of employees working selflessly to ensure that their employer doesn’t miss breaking his fast, better known as iftar, due to his car breakdown during Ramadan. Overwhelmed by their gesture, the employer heartily invites his employees to his residence to break the Ramadan fast together. The employer along with his employees later celebrate their moments at the dining table. 

The ad highlights the spirit of compassion, benevolence, and equality within everyone, across all nationalities and races. 

"Ramadan is an important period for Tata Motors customers worldwide, and every year during this auspicious period, Tata Motors shares a beautiful message on the human spirit that binds us all together and connects us through our aspirations,” said Tata Motors VP international business commercial vehicle business unit Rudrarup Maitra. “This year, Tata Motors celebrates this everlasting human spirit of helping and inspiring each other through this beautiful film and shows that the spirit of Ramadan is experienced best when it is celebrated together. Wishing everyone a blessed Ramadan!"