Lenovo collaborates with Abish Mathew for a tech-powered Millet Revival

Lenovo collaborates with Abish Mathew for a tech-powered Millet Revival

Stand-up comedian boosts awareness for Lenovo’s Work For Humankind India initiative

Lenovo - Abish Mathew

Mumbai: Lenovo has released an insightful and light-hearted video, called Millet Masters, featuring stand-up comedian Abish Mathew. The short film aims to create awareness around a technology-powered millet revival initiative and food revolution taking place in Kathalloor, Kerala, under Lenovo’s Work For Humankind initiative. This project shines a spotlight on stories of local farmers who are revolutionising the millet economy through Lenovo’s smarter technology and support from student volunteers.

Taking the audience on a journey to discover Kanthalloor, regional millet production, and how millets go from field to food, the short film follows Abish Mathew as he seeks out student volunteers and 25 local millet farmers, whom he calls ‘millet masters.’ Mathew learns about the local millet revolution taking place and witnesses first-hand the positive role that Lenovo’s technology has played in empowering farmers to progress their farming practices, improve yields, and grow profitability. Ending on a message of hope, the short film concludes with Mathew revealing that local efforts have already more than doubled the variety of millets grown regionally, from two to five varieties, and he encourages viewers to learn more about millets.

As part of the Work For Humankind project, Lenovo has also partnered with a number of other influencers to raise awareness for millets as a nutritionally rich food source and as part of its mission to create a more robust marketplace for the crop.

"At Lenovo, we believe in building a more equitable and sustainable world for all by using our smarter technology to empower local communities for positive change,” said Lenovo vice president and chief marketing officer of intelligent devices group and international markets Emily Ketchen. “That belief is at the heart of Lenovo’s Work For Humankind India project, and why we’re collaborating with Abish Mathew to shine a spotlight on the stories of local farmers on a mission to start a millet food revolution. This is a remarkable example of people, communities, and technology coming together to help revive a once disappearing grain, raise awareness around millet cultivation, and ultimately make millet farming more commercially viable for the farmers of Kanthalloor.”

Watch Lenovo’s ‘Millet Masters’ short film featuring Abish Mathew here: