KlugKlug eyes expansion to Southeast Asia and the Middle East

KlugKlug eyes expansion to Southeast Asia and the Middle East

The company aims to achieve 10 to 12X growth by 2025.


Mumbai: KlugKlug, a global SaaS platform for influencer marketing, is pleased to announce its plans to broaden its operational footprint and attain unprecedented growth by the conclusion of 2025. Throughout the preceding year, KlugKlug has achieved notable success, realising nearly a twofold increase in revenue and client engagement, positioning the company as a key player in the influencer marketing industry.

Presently, with a flourishing business approaching the $1 million mark, KlugKlug is aiming for a remarkable 10 to 12 times expansion by 2025. The company has strategically positioned itself in the market, garnering substantial momentum in the FMCG sector and establishing strong connections with direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands and long-tail influencers.

As of October 2023, KlugKlug has established partnerships with 75 clients. The company is planning to significantly broaden its clientele, aiming to exceed 500 clients across diverse regions by the year 2025. Presently operational in India, Indonesia, and Dubai, KlugKlug is committed to expanding its presence to three pivotal regions by 2025—Southeast Asia (comprising Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines), the Middle East (encompassing Dubai, Abu Dhabi, GCC countries, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and North Africa).

Commenting on this, KlugKlug co-founder and CEO Kalyan Kumar stated, "As we look ahead, we're pretty stoked about where KlugKlug is heading. The growth we've seen recently is exceptional, but we're just getting started. Thinking about 10 to 12 times more growth by 2025 is pretty exciting. We're not just sticking to where we are – we're spreading our wings into new places, connecting with more people and brands. The plan is simple: keep doing awesome stuff in the influencer world and see where it takes us."

KlugKlug co-founder and CPO Vaibhav Gupta said, "As we outline our future plans, we're keeping things straightforward and focused. It's not just about stretching our presence into Southeast Asia and the Middle East; it's about refining the way we operate. KlugKlug is more than a company; it's a positive force for change. We're enthusiastic about what lies ahead and how KlugKlug is positioning itself as a significant player in the influencer marketing scene."

The exponential growth in client acquisition reflects KlugKlug's ability to foster strong and enduring relationships with its clients. The company's unique approach to influencer marketing has resonated with a diverse range of brands, from established FMCG giants to emerging D2C players. KlugKlug's expansion plans are not just about reaching new markets but also about deepening connections with clients and providing them with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Founded by Vaibhav Gupta and Kalyan Kumar, KlugKlug utilises AI and machine learning-driven data to identify and explore influencers, deliver precise audience insights, and furnish intelligence regarding global influencers across popular social platforms. The platform presents an all-encompassing solution for campaign management, performance tracking, and data analysis, thereby enabling brands to engage in influencer marketing seamlessly.