Gurugram Police verified on Truecaller government directory services

Gurugram Police verified on Truecaller government directory services

Truecaller is committed to enhancing communication safety and combating spam and fraud


Mumbai: This integration will empower users to easily identify verified numbers, thereby reducing the risk of falling victim to impersonation scams. In a bid to promote online safety awareness, Truecaller and Gurugram Police will further extend the initiative across the state and support the Utkrisht Society for Safety, a non-profit initiative by Haryana Police. Truecaller is committed to aiding in fostering safety in communication and combating spam and fraud, thereby contributing to a safer digital ecosystem.

Sharing his thoughts on the partnership, the commissioner of Police, Gurugram, Siddhant Jain, deputy commissioner of police (Cyber Staff), South Gurugram said, "Gurugram Police is actively dedicated to increasing cyber safety awareness and empowering citizens to stay safe online. The ongoing challenges of cyber fraud are concerning, as Gurugram Police receives around 100-120 complaints daily, with an average monthly loss of ₹40 crore due to cyber fraud. To combat this, our collaborative efforts with Truecaller aim to reduce the impersonation of Gurugram Police officials by verifying official numbers through Truecaller’s Government Directory Services. Through the cyber safety training sessions, our mission is to provide citizens with the essential knowledge and skills needed to make informed choices for their protection while harnessing opportunities in the digital world. We look forward to working collaboratively with Truecaller to ensure the safety of citizens in Gurugram and across the state.”

Sharing his thoughts on the partnership, Truecaller India's chief product officer and managing director Rishit Jhunjhunwala said, "Truecaller is committed to working with law enforcement agencies and the government to curb online frauds and ensure the cyber safety of citizens. This MoU marks a significant stride in our efforts to work alongside law enforcement in addressing the escalating number of fraud cases, including preventing the impersonation of police officials through verification on the Government Directory Services. We have previously also partnered with other law enforcement agencies such as Delhi Police and Assam Police as part of our initiatives to combat online fraud. Moreover, we are actively engaged in enhancing citizens' cyber fraud prevention capabilities through cyber safety training programs.”