Fastrack & Buffalo Soldiers team up to launch Vyb by Fastrack Watches

Fastrack & Buffalo Soldiers team up to launch Vyb by Fastrack Watches

This partnership marks their third successful collaboration.

Fastrack & Buffalo Soldiers

Mumbai: Fastrack, India’s leading youth fashion brand, is back with something stunning for your wrists. Meet Vyb by Fastrack, a trendy collection of watches designed for women who are all about fashion, fun, and fabulous social occasions.

In collaboration with the innovative minds at Buffalo Soldiers, a new-age advertising agency, Fastrack is set to launch this dazzling collection for those who thrive in social settings — be it a sunlit brunch, a beachside vacation, a romantic date, or amidst the pulsating energy of a music festival. Each timepiece is designed to be the ultimate accessory for every gathering, promising to keep the wearer in style and on time. These watches are not just accessories; they are your best companion for every bash, shindig, and gala!

“We’ve always been about pushing the envelope when it comes to youth fashion, and Vyb by Fastrack is our latest glam slam. It's bold, it's fun, and it totally screams ‘party-ready’,” said Fastrack brand lead Abhineet Rawat. “We're thrilled to pair up again with Buffalo Soldiers to bring this collection to life.”

The partnership between Fastrack and Buffalo Soldiers marks a renewed collaboration following their successful ventures in 2023 - with the launch of Fastrack’s first-ever automatics collection, followed up by the #BeBoth campaign that celebrates the style of fashion paradoxes, where contradictory elements create striking looks.

Buffalo Soldiers, lead - video & photography Prayash Padhi said: "Working on the 'Vyb by Fastrack' campaign was electrifying! Capturing the essence of each timepiece, reflecting the vivacious party spirit, and translating that into our visuals was a thrilling challenge. We believe these images will not just attract but resonate deeply with our young audience."

“During the photoshoot, we meticulously crafted each scene to highlight the unique features of the watches; special attention was paid to lighting and composition to ensure that each timepiece shone as the star of the show,” Padhi added.

The campaign, rolling out across digital platforms and Fastrack stores, promises to be an eye-catching showcase of style and youth culture. It aims to connect with the fashion-forward, social butterflies looking for the perfect accessory that matches their energy and enthusiasm for life’s parties.

“Our goal was to create a campaign that resonates with the youth, something that jumps out and says ‘Hey, let's have some fun!’,” said Buffalo Soldiers co-founder & CEO Sumon K Chakrabarti. “Vyb by Fastrack is more than just a watch; it’s an accessory for every social mixer. And we're proud to help make that statement loud and clear.”

Whether you’re stepping out for a casual hangout or gearing up for a night on the town, Vyb by Fastrack is designed to complement every style and setting. These watches blend contemporary fashion with timeless elegance, ensuring that you’ll always be the life of the party.