Winston India records five times revenue within 12 months of Shark Tank

Winston India records five times revenue within 12 months of Shark Tank

The customer base has surged from 15,000-20,000 to an impressive 100,000.

Winston India

Mumbai: Winston India, the innovative lifestyle brand has witnessed a remarkable five times increase in revenue and a phenomenal five times increase in both profit and sales after its appearance on Shark Tank. This outstanding success shows the brand’s commitment to excellence, strategic vision, and the invaluable mentorship received from industry leaders.

Following Winston India's appearance on Shark Tank, the brand successfully expanded its platform presence to Vanity Wagon, Tata 1Mg, Jio Mart, Tira Beauty, Net Mets, Ajio, BlinkIt, and Cred. Additionally, there has been a substantial increase in customer base, surging from 15,000-20,000 customers to an impressive 100,000 customers. Notably, the trimmers and skincare category has emerged as the flagship segment, demonstrating unparalleled success as the most sold product within the Winston India product portfolio.

Winston India co-founder Himanshu Adhlaka expressed his excitement and gratitude for the incredible journey, stating, “The experience on Shark Tank and the subsequent growth have been nothing short of phenomenal. We are immensely grateful for the mentorship provided by Vineeta and Anupam, their guidance helped us strategise, plan, and network. They not only helped us with better industry insights but also suggested where we should invest, and where we should not. This has been instrumental in guiding us on the right path.”

Sugar Cosmetics and Investing Shark co-founder & CEO Vineeta Singh in Winston India further congratulates the team, stating, “Congratulations team Winston on one year since Shark Tank. It was amazing to collaborate with Winston India and bring the brand from 5 cr to 15 cr, and I am sure 100 cr is not far away. Good Luck!” founder and investing shark Anupam Mittal, Winston India congratulates the team, stating, “Congratulations Winston India on this epic journey from Shark Tank and beyond. We are very proud to see how much your brand has grown and can't wait to see it dominate the personal care market in the country.”

Additionally, to celebrate this milestone and express gratitude to its loyal customers, Winston India is currently hosting the Winston Shark Tank Sale on its website ( where customers can enjoy discounts of up to 70 per cent off on singles, up to Rs 4000 off on combos, and uncover unlimited hidden freebies.

Looking ahead, Winston India aims to enhance customer satisfaction, drive continuous product development and expand the brand’s presence in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. The brand is additionally looking forward to exclusive launches with prominent e-commerce portals, marking the next chapter in Winston India's success story.