Ormax Media launches campaign testing tool Ormax Campaign Express

Ormax Media launches campaign testing tool Ormax Campaign Express

Enables swift decision-making for film, OTT & TV industries.

Keerat Grewal, Sanket Kulkarni and Mitesh Thakkar

Mumbai: Media analytics firm Ormax Media announced the launch of Ormax Campaign Express, its campaign testing tool for across theatrical, streaming and television categories. While Ormax Media has been testing campaigns for films and shows for 15 years now, Ormax Campaign Express brings with it the capability to provide results within an express timeframe of just four days, hence providing a much-needed solution to the dynamic landscape of entertainment marketing, where campaigns are often finalized just days before launch, making conventional ad testing approaches infeasible.

The tool forecasts key business metrics for each category, i.e., first-day box office for films, first-weekend viewership for OTT shows, and first-week viewership for television. Combined with asset-level likability and qualitative feedback on campaign elements, Ormax Campaign Express delivers holistic recommendations to maximise audience delivery for entertainment campaigns.

Ormax Media head - business development (streaming, TV & brands) Keerat Grewal emphasised the significance of Ormax Campaign Express, stating: "Despite the acknowledged need for it, campaign testing is sparingly used in the Indian entertainment industry due to a critical constraint - insufficient time for testing. Ormax Campaign Express acknowledges this challenge by providing our business partners with results and action points within a timeframe of just four days."

Ormax Media head - business development (theatrical) Sanket Kulkarni highlighted the tool's potential impact on theatrical releases, stating: "In times of content clutter, reduced attention spans and discerning audience behaviour, a good trailer is more important than ever before. The first reaction of the audience to the teaser or the trailer typically sets the level at which the film will open. All secondary assets can only have an incremental impact of not more than 10-15% at best. With Ormax Campaign Express, we can now deliver results of trailer testing, as well as evaluation of trailer options, in line with the industry’s requirement of quick decision-making.”

Ormax Media head - content & campaign testing Mitesh Thakkar spoke about the company's rich experience in campaign testing, stating: "With over a decade of experience in testing 100+ campaigns across domains, we have developed robust metrics and benchmarks to test campaigns of new films, OTT shows and TV shows. With Ormax Campaign Express, we hope to make this expertise available to those business partners who have not been able to use it earlier because of constraints of time.”

Ormax Campaign Express is now available for use to all film studios, production houses, OTT platforms and TV channels.