Innovation-led technology platform to streamline video production

Innovation-led technology platform to streamline video production


New Delhi: Videos have become the go-to tool that brands worldwide are turning to. India is no exception in this case. Brands, in their quest for higher customer engagement, are rooting for videos. Marketers, too, are seeing the positive results of video performance when it comes to higher volume conversions.

Globally, media consumption is increasing on various platforms, especially digital. And the volumes are only going through the roof.

Plan2shoot is a unique technology-driven video creation platform. It weaves a creative web of ideas, and organises all the bits and pieces into coherent and innovative video content. 

Plan2shoot allows creative and innovative ideas to prosper and, through this, it effectively mixes human ideation with state-of-the-art technology to develop a cutting-edge approach to video aggregation.

Plan2shoot’s co-founder and CEO Vikas Sardana says their video platform is a synonym for trust. “During my two-decade-long career in the media Industry, I realised that there were too many issues faced by brands and creators. The market was huge yet unorganised and trust was seriously missing,” he says.

Plan2shoot realised the potential in the video space and thought of introducing technology wherein every step of video creation could be streamlined, irrespective of the location. Plan2Shoot is hosted on robust cloud technology platform with main emphasis on media security and availability. The technology ensures fast upload of media files by creators using multipart technology and enables fast downloads for verification by brands.

The tech part ensures that all parts are transparent to both, creators, and brands to verify every step of development phase and enable both creators and brands have smooth experience in sharing media. This, says Sardana, makes the entire process transparent. 

“The validation of our platform during the Covid-19 pandemic has further strengthened our location-agnostic belief. We have been able to get our work done even from remote areas without even stepping out and endangering ourselves,” Sardana adds. 

Plan2shoot strongly believes in and already has implemented a structured process of video creation. Every piece of content created is carefully examined and, through a step-by-step process, the idea is fashioned into a well-defined narrative on the product. 

Plan2shoot strictly follows due diligence while screening video talent and always makes it a point to deliver creative content. Client satisfaction is our top priority, says Sardana.

“Our videos give the impression of a solid quality product, “ says Ishan Bhattacharjee, co-founder, Plan2shoot. In the digital space, the platform, he elaborates, replaces chaos with superb quality, and always adds an extra zing to the marketing process. 

“We churn out awesome content - visually pleasing, polished and loaded with innovative ideas. Our clients love and share our work,” says Bhattacharjee. 

Plan2shoot endeavours to make everyone a winner. “We go all out to bring a lot of synergy between creators and brands. And by constantly doing this we create a happy and buzzing marketplace,” Bhattacharjee adds.