Eros Investments partners with Stability Ai

Eros Investments partners with Stability Ai

Eros Investments intends to use this technology for its subsidiary Xfinite.


Mumbai: Eros Investments and Stability Ai announced a strategic partnership to form a joint venture for the South Asian geography.

Stability Ai is dedicated to designing and implementing solutions in various sectors of life that are accessible to all through collective intelligence and augmented technology.

Their solutions affect a range of sectors, from entertainment to business, health, and other social initiatives.

Eros Investments chairman Kishore Lulla said, "Emad and the fabulous team at have developed this visionary technology with the capability of super-computing that is amongst the top 10 in the world. Users now have an opportunity for creative expression at a pace that didn’t exist before."

He further added, "We also plan to deploy this technology across Eros Investment’s affiliate company, Eros Now, which has access to a registered community of over 200 million users. In addition to this, there are use cases for the technology across the metaverse and the creator economy for mass adoption. Deep AI technology will be the future of product differentiation, and we are excited to lead this revolution."

Eros Investments will use Stability Ai's "Stable Diffusion" model, which includes open-source image generation, to manifest ideas and dreams as flawless art pieces using words.

Stability Ai battles the norm set by big tech companies by using this form of image generation to challenge the barriers that prevent people from accessing artificial intelligence and its benefits.

Eros and Stability are working to bring this technology that was only privileged to a few, to every Indian to reflect their creativity and imagination.

Eros Investments intends to use this technology for its subsidiary Xfinite, which has access to a 12,000+ movie asset library, to launch generative NFT and make the tool available to creators for self-expression on Mzaalo, Xfinite's watch to earn blockchain platform. founder & chief executive officer Emad Mostaquesaid, "India is a fascinating digital market with over 600+ million users and immense creative capability across users. Our vision for this technology is to provide the base layer to the sectors of entertainment, education, healthcare and others and to allow for innovation by the users and peers from business. Eros is the perfect partner for this technology as premium experiences at mass adoption and innovation is core to their ethos of the group. This partnership will help transform not only how we deliver personalization to consumers but also re-orient our lifestyle between the offline and online world."

Deep Ai technology and its applications extend far beyond the realm of entertainment, and this joint venture will concentrate on three key areas of collaboration with industry sectors and other partners.

Generative Meta-Humans: This technology's evolution is suited to developing 3D rendering of individual avatars, with use cases in immersive AR/VR content, gaming, and the Metaverse. This collaboration will enable the creation of fictional content as well as dynamic individual identities on a daily basis.

Education: This sector will be a stepping stone in the transformation, with each child learning at their own pace in the language of their choice. For progressive learning at scale, the AI model will allow each student to customise content based on their adoption of the materials.

Healthcare: This AI model will be tailored to each individual, allowing them to identify their current health vitals, methods for improvement, and track them on a regular basis.