launches OTT platform 'CNBCTV18 Binge' launches OTT platform 'CNBCTV18 Binge'

The platform will target the millennial audience.


Mumbai: Digital business news platform has launched an exclusive, video-only OTT platform for its millennial audience - CNBCTV18 Binge. Launched in June, the service is available for users on and the CNBCTV18 app.

CNBCTV18 Binge will be the millennial’s one-stop digital destination for all news and guidance related to finance, business, investments, and a lot more. The clutter-breaking content will be driven by ideas that inspire and series that educate. This diversified platform will have video insights for all genres ranging from investments, sports, business, economics, and a lot more.

Some of the exclusive shows include CNBCTV18 Classroom, which will feature information and guidance for the viewers regarding different investments and business opportunities. Tech at Work, the show focuses on news and videos related to technological advancements. Tokenomics is a show which gives an insight into the amalgamation of technology and economics. The Anatomy Series is a detailed explainer series that dives deep into the anatomy of different lifestyle topics. Viewers can explore CNBCTV18 Binge and look for more such video-only content and learn about business, investments, and other insights.

CNBCTV18 Binge focuses on providing its viewers with a dedicated team of researchers and experts giving their points of view and opinions in different video shows. This will feature some of the biggest influencers of the business domain, as also the Group’s own repertoire of celebrated and recognized anchors.

Network18 Media & Investments CEO - business news Smriti Mehra stated, “We are extremely excited with the launch of CNBCTV18 Binge, a video-streaming platform that will marry the acumen, incisive insights and clutter-breaking content offerings from CNBC TV18 with content formats that the millennial audience understands. Boasting some marquee digital exclusives series available both on CNBCTV18’s website and app, we aim to create a strong brand presence on digital and want the end user to discover and consume the best of content.”