Amagi launches cloud-based live orchestration platform Amagi Live

Amagi launches cloud-based live orchestration platform Amagi Live

To serve a growing appetite for live sports and news on linear OTT.


Mumbai: Cloud-based Software-as-a-service (SaaS) company Amagi has announced the new and enhanced version of its premium live orchestration platform ‘Amagi Live’. The cloud-based platform enables content owners to spin up channels in minutes or orchestrate broadcast-grade live events on the go. It also offers cloud-based master control features for ‘breaking news’ and multi-event live sports orchestration workflows. It can be operated from any remote corner of the world using a simple web dashboard.

Through this service, Amagi is addressing the growing appetite for sports and news on linear OTT. News has seen explosive growth on OTT and free-ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) platforms with 56 per cent of the total content consumed. A study by Amagi indicated that 30 per cent of cable TV viewers have shown strong intent to cut the cord if they can stream their favourite news and sports content on OTT platforms. “The numbers indicate that live video streaming is poised for tremendous growth in the coming months/years,” said the statement.

Amagi Live allows users the ability to insert a wide range of advanced graphics, auto-recording of live events that are then delivered as delayed playback, automation of live streams to OTT with machine learning systems, reduced need for multiple live operator personnel, easy scheduling of ad breaks in the live playlist and multi-source, multi-protocol content ingestion.

For 24/7 live linear channel operators, particularly 24/7 news and sports channels, Amagi Live enables the orchestration of various live production-master-control tasks including the ability to switch between up to four feeds in single live event production and advanced 4K UHD delivery including tone mapping.

“Viewers of live content are uncompromising in their demand for the quality viewing experience,” said Amagi co-founder KA Srinivasan. “Amagi Live powers content brands to create a broadcast-grade experience, especially with premium sports live events and news in a scalable, reliable and cost-effective manner.”

“We’ve launched a tremendously successful sports channel on ad-supported platforms with Amagi as our partner,” said Tennis Channel International senior vice president Andy Reif. “The use of advanced automation has made the ad and live break insertions seamless for us, while the superior graphics capabilities have led to stellar content display. The user experience this platform delivers is not only delightful but unparalleled in the industry.”