'Water Mafia' documentary is a harsh reality, extraordinary tale of the Indian water mafia

'Water Mafia' documentary is a harsh reality, extraordinary tale of the Indian water mafia

DocuBay presents 'Water Mafia' will stream on the OTT app from 12 Jan 2024.

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Mumbai: In the last few years, the changed dynamics of the world have brought technology and culture integration. From the coffee sip to water culture, every society has its cultural dimension but have you ever heard about the artificial world crisis in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, and other metropolitan cities? Yes, the probability of all society's divide is because of the influx into metro cities. The answer is No. It's none other than water.

DocuBay recently premiered its exclusive first Indian documentary for Indian documentary enthusiasts named ' Water Mafia '. In the '90s Mumbai suffered from roadside gang war. The Mafia was born out of the cotton industry transformation, closed orthodox economy, unavailability of jobs, strikes, and many other reasons. Now mafia turned from bullets to ' Wallets'. Mafia exists anywhere in society right from government employees, municipal corporation employees, politicians, local dons, or anyone. DocuBay predicted a crucial problem that is not out of cultural problems or luxury but is the ' Water Mafia'.

school, and education institutes we learned about water scarcity but is it completely true? It is an artificial shortage created by the social evil mentality of a few individuals. Though the water level supply is optimum, the level of water supply is not reaching masses from its middlemen. DocuBay exposed the crime, criminals, modus operandi, bureaucracy, functional deficiencies, corruption, and most importantly 'Lateral damage 'of moral responsibilities and how basic right for water is freqent delibrated efforts abolish by water mafia.

One of the largest worldwide documentary libraries and apps ' DocuBay ' premiered its launch of the new documentary Water Mafia in Mumbai.

In the tough competition of OTT pricing and content warfare, DocuBay came up in India with Water Mafia to explore corruption in water supply in cities. It is the only app recently that offers content limited to documentaries and docuseries. Such contemporary issue awareness needs an hour. In this series, DocuBay produced nonfictional documentaries in a sophisticated manner without compromising anything in content. It is the first Hindi documentary by DocuBay to launch internationally. Whether it is photography, sequence, narration contextual understanding for the audience personally I feel awesome.

The Investigative documentary provides an depth exploration of the extensive underground water market in the two major cities including Delhi, and Mumbai. Thought interviews of individuals connected to the water mafia, underworld, whistleblowers, victims, and citizens. The new thing I found in this documentary is not to rely on any fictional data and to focus on real pictures with crime data statistics.

What's new in the documentary - Infographics, content sequencing, cinematography, Journalist Vivek Agarwal's spectacular research and analysis, and last but not least videography.

What's missing - I feel the length of the documentary can be more. It is a lengthy subject to tackle. From the initial scene, you get a special scoop that is untapped in OTT space. Personally duration of the documentary can increase also. The rest of the documentary is almost perfect.

Internationally and nationally DocuBay has been expanding its horizons over the last four financial years. DocuBay targets niche market segments to occupy non-fictional market space. EBITDA ( Earning before tax interest depreciation and amortization) has increased more than 18 per cent globally.

According to sources, DocuBay has a plan to expand into the Indian market by encompassing more Indian content soon exploring different subjects which not touched by Indian OTT cogloromates. DocuBay has plans to launch one documentary every month. In the Indian diaspora DocuBay not have recently launched full-fledged documentaries for Hindi heartland. It can be contextual and a mixture of Hinglish also with English.

DocuBay has strategically tied up with many brand associates to leverage its target audience. With an increasing audience for documentaries, there is a high demand for documentary content but supply is not that optimum to explore for the Indian market. The DocuBay aims for insightful perspectives from Investigative journalists, economists, and urban planners to shed light on the role of government corruption through this documentary.

Right now many OTT apps offer different GEC, web series, movies, and documentary content but the Indian market is running majorly on a hybrid model whereas DocuBay wants to be a trendsetter. Currently in the Indian market DocuBay costs 999/- per year which is slightly reasonable in comparison to its innovative offering.

DocuBay is part of the IN10 media network's extensive OTT cogloromate led by Aditya Pittie.

The major concern highlighted in the documentary - The Water Mafia of our times looting people with series of chain exploitation to the common man. Particularly this issue facing in lower and middle-income segments. Crucially no administration is bothered about criminals and water thieves operating in slums.

I strongly recommend this documentary for the documentary enthusiasts audience. The film is directed by Naman Govil. In the preview premiere show, Girish Dwibhashyam - COO, of DocuBay, and Anil Chaudhary - Director, of VICE India are the people who are committed to building state-of-the-art infrastructure for building brands globally.

Where to Watch - DocuBay App on Google Play Store.