Inox, Kwality Wall's bring to you India's first 'CineGame' experience

Inox, Kwality Wall's bring to you India's first 'CineGame' experience

Kwality Wall's launched a unique three-layered dessert called 'Trixy blueberry cheesecake cup.'

Trixy CineGame

Mumbai: Kwality Wall's on Wednesday announced its association with Inox to introduce ‘Trixy CineGame’ - India’s first gaming experience on the cinema screen. Kwality Wall's launched a unique three-layered dessert called 'Trixy blueberry cheesecake cup' to bring in the year 2022.

Kwality Wall's Trixy cheesecake is designed to give a parlour-like experience at home with three exquisite layers – crunchy cinnamon cookie, creamy cheesecake dessert and a delicious blueberry sauce. The unique multiplayer on-screen game brings alive the three layers of Trixy cheesecake dessert.

The unparalleled and interactive gaming experience allows moviegoers in Mumbai & Delhi to play a multiplayer game called ‘Trixy CineGame’ through their mobile phones. All one needs to do is join the game through their mobile phones on the CineGame App which they can download easily. The winners will receive surprise gift bags from Kwality Wall’s, but everyone is surely in for a great time.

Speaking on the occasion, Kwality Wall's India, general manager Maya Ganapathy said, “Kwality Wall’s is all about fun and celebrating small joys in unique ways. We thrive in bringing innovative flavours and designs to our consumers every year through our ice creams and frozen desserts. One such launch this year is the Trixy blueberry cheesecake cup, a melange of delectable flavours and textures which brings together the blueberry and cheesecake trends that have swept India’s dessert lovers. We needed a partner to introduce this unique product in an engaging and equally unique way and who better than Inox to play this role! Cinema is a great place to embrace innovation and interactivity and we are glad to associate with a like-minded partner like Inox to bring this launch to life on the big screen.”

Inox Leisure chief sales and revenue officer Anand Vishal said, “At Inox, we are always upbeat about leveraging technology while providing our audience with experiences that engage and entertain them and bring value to our advertising partners. We are taking the captivating cinema feel to the next level by introducing a unique playing concept of ‘CineGame,’ making the breaktime ad-free and fun for the audience. This collaboration with Kwality Walls is a revolutionary step to make numerous touchpoints of the cinema journey, more innovative, engaging, and memorable.”

Mindshare Content+ and Partnerships senior vice-president Ajay Mehta said, “The Trixy cheesecake ‘CineGame’ experience is a winner because it brings together the 3 passions of movies, food & gaming this summer. Recreating the Trixy 3-layer product experience through a larger-than-life gaming format that is sure to thrill audiences.”  

“ITV is proud to introduce ‘CineGame,’ a first of its kind cinema gaming experience at multiplexes this summer. We are happy to have Kwality Walls premiering the technology at Inox multiplexes. A truly innovative media format that would help brands reinforce their propositions through interactive brand experiences” said Kinetic India founder and managing director Ajay Mehta.