'Filmy Masala' premieres on News9 Plus Lounge

'Filmy Masala' premieres on News9 Plus Lounge

Get ready for an extraordinary fusion of Indian cinema and cuisine.

News9 Plus

Mumbai: Get ready to embark on a cinematic culinary journey like no other as News9 Lounge proudly presents ‘Hamdard Khaalis Filmy Masala,’ a groundbreaking series hosted by the charismatic chef Kunal Kapur. This isn't just your ordinary cooking show; it's a blockbuster extravaganza where the enchanting world of Bollywood meets the delectable wonders of Indian cuisine.

In ‘Hamdard Khaalis Filmy Masala,’ viewers will be treated to an enchanting fusion of two great Indian passions: food and cinema. Each episode unfolds as a three-course gastronomic adventure, where iconic Indian dishes are brought to life by drawing inspiration from unforgettable moments in the world of silver screen magic. Chef Kunal Kapur, renowned for his culinary prowess, takes centre stage to unravel the secrets behind these iconic dishes, all while sharing captivating backstories, anecdotes, and enchanting tales. The entire experience is enriched with dazzling animated stories that captivate the imagination.

‘Hamdard Khaalis Filmy Masala’ promises to be a sensory spectacle that tantalizes taste buds, tugs at heartstrings, and fills the soul with the warmth of nostalgic Bollywood moments. Ordinary ingredients will transform into extraordinary masterpieces under the expert hands of chef Kunal Kapur, who weaves together the magic of Bollywood with the art of cooking. Infused with iconic Bollywood dialogues, expert commentary, and intriguing fun facts, ‘Hamdard Khaalis Filmy Masala’ is a symphony of Flavors, emotions, and cherished memories.

Speaking on the association with News9 Plus Lounge, Hamdard Laboratories India chief sales and marketing officer Mansoor Ali said “It’s a delight to be associated with News9 Plus Lounge’s ‘Hamdard Khaalis Filmy Masala’ with Chef Kunal Kapur. The delight is doubled, as Chef Kunal is also associated with us as brand ambassador for Hamdard Khaalis Spices. The show is a deadly combination of Bollywood masala and ‘khane’ ke masale, as it brings to you the magic of the recipes created in some of the most memorable Hindi movies based on food. Relive your love for food with the characters in these movies and recreate the magic of heritage cuisine with Hamdard Khaalis Masale in your kitchens! Happy viewing.”

Whether you're a gourmet guru, a passionate cinephile, or simply someone with an appetite for exceptional entertainment, ‘Hamdard Khaalis Filmy Masala’ offers a backstage pass to the most entertaining culinary show on the planet.

Prepare to be captivated, educated, and satiated as ‘Hamdard Khaalis Filmy Masala’ makes its grand debut. Tune in to experience a show where every dish tells a story, and every story is a feast for the senses. Your taste buds will dance, your heart will sing, and you'll be left craving for more. Lights, Camera, Cooking!

‘Hamdard Khaalis Filmy Masala’ streaming now exclusively on News9 Plus Lounge.