Chef Ranveer Brar cooks live on Mumbai Billboard ahead of 'Star vs Food Survival'

Chef Ranveer Brar cooks live on Mumbai Billboard ahead of 'Star vs Food Survival'

Chef Ranveer Brar to host a culinary journey in Coorg and Spiti with a star-studded ensemble.

Star Vs Food Survival

Mumbai: Prepare for the highly anticipated return of Warner Bros Discovery's beloved culinary series, 'Star vs Food,' as it unveils its thrilling new season, 'Star vs Food Survival.' This adventure-packed culinary journey features chef Ranveer Brar as the host, leading a star-studded ensemble on an exciting exploration of two distinct Indian locales: Coorg and Spiti.

As a thrilling precursor to the show, chef Ranveer Brar faced his ultimate challenge, cooking live on a billboard in Mahim Causeway in Mumbai. Eager spectators who gathered near the billboard, witnessed Ranveer's culinary prowess firsthand. They were treated to an exhilarating blend of culinary artistry and excitement, exemplifying the show's dedication to pushing boundaries in the most extraordinary of settings.

Speaking about the experience, Ranveer Brar said, “Cooking on a billboard was an enthralling experience that I will remember for life. Having to prepare a dish while being witnessed by the entire city felt like an enthralling adventure similar to my recent experience at Coorg and Spiti while leading Star Vs Food Survival. Audiences will be captivated as exceptional locations and delectable dishes unfold upon them in the presence of India’s biggest superstars.”

“Our decision to showcase Chef Ranveer Brar's live cooking on a billboard was more than just a captivating spectacle; it was about immersing the audience in the essence of our show. This collaboration with creative minds allowed us to bridge the gap between the culinary world and the city streets, creating a real-life representation of the adventure and excitement that 'Star vs Food Survival' embodies. It's a testament to our commitment to push boundaries, engage our viewers, and make every moment of the campaign unforgettable." Warner Bros Discovery, South Asia head of marketing Janhavi Vyas.

Watch the captivating culinary adventure as 'Star Vs Food Survival' premieres on discovery+ and Discovery Channel on 9 October 2023. Delve into the rich flavors and captivating stories behind each dish, with celebrity guests like Suniel Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Aparshakti Khurana, Mouni Roy, and Nakuul Mehta, all under the expert guidance of chef Ranveer Brar as they uncover the authentic essence of India's culinary heritage.