Warner Bros. Discovery premieres 'Mission Big Cat'

Warner Bros. Discovery premieres 'Mission Big Cat'

Discover Big CAT Country to Lion vs Hyenas, unveiling majestic animal traits in our content slate.

Warner Bros. Discovery

Mumbai: Warner Bros. Discovery is delighted to announce "Mission Big Cat," an exhilarating new anthology dedicated to the mesmerizing world of regal felines. This edition's captivating lineup will present exclusive content that delves deep into the lives of lions, tigers, leopards, and other awe-inspiring species. Scheduled to premiere on 23 October 2023, on Animal Planet, the series will air from Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM, with a repeat broadcast the following day at 4:00 PM. This unique programming represents a compelling endeavour to unveil the intricacies of these magnificent creatures, providing viewers with insights into their behaviour, predatory skills, family dynamics, and much more.

The seven-week lineup, running until 15 December, will include shows such as "Big Cat Country," "Creative Killers," "Lions vs Hyenas," "Lethal Attractions," "Story Of Cats," "The Lions Queens: Fighting For Survival," "The Brother’s Pride," "Brotherhood of Lions," and "Lions Country: Night & Day." These shows will shed light on territorial disputes among these magnificent creatures, unveil their ingenious hunting techniques, explore the bonds of brotherhood that bind them, and uncover the fascinating origin stories of these apex predators.

Watch Mission Big Cat, 23 October onwards, Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM on Animal Planet