Star Jalsha celebrates 15 years of unmatched success

Star Jalsha celebrates 15 years of unmatched success

The channel is all set to launch two new shows - Tunte and SandhyaTara in June.


Mumbai: Star Jalsha, a Bengali entertainment channel, has continued its unrivalled position as the leader in the television industry. For over 12 years of its 15-year journey, Star Jalsha has dominated the West Bengal market, leading the Bengali GEC space. Upholding this legacy, Star Jalsha reached 29.4 million viewers in West Bengal alone over the past year, with an average weekly viewing time of approximately 6 hours per viewer.

Star Jalsha will be launching two new shows Tunte and SandhyaTara in June. Tunte is scheduled to launch on 5 June. Tunte will narrate the heart-warming journey of a talented skilled girl from a remote village of Bengal and her journey to fulfil her dream to work as an established fashion designer in a big city. SandhyaTara is a tale of love and sacrifice of two sisters – Sandhya & Tara and is scheduled to launch on the channel in June too.

“At Star Jalsha, we have always been driven by the purpose to narrate stories of hope, courage and inspiration, stories that create a strong sense of purpose. We are humbled by the unwavering love we have received from our viewers over the years and are excited to bring in two new shows in June – Tunte, and SandhyaTara, both with heart-warming stories about aspiration, family bond and dream fulfilment.  With these new upcoming shows and the existing strong content library, we look forward to entertaining families in Bengal and beyond,” said a Star Jalsha spokesperson.

Star Jalsha owes its enduring success to a winning formula that combines progressive storytelling, iconic characters, and an unwavering commitment to cater to the diverse sentiments of its audience. The channel has consistently pushed boundaries, delving into relevant social issues and exploring diverse narratives that strike a chord with both rural and urban viewers.

Notable shows like Maa, Behula, Durga, Ekhane Akash Neel, Ganer Opare, Kiranmala, Bojhena Se Bojhena, Sreemoyee, Ke Apon Ke Por, Mohor, and Potol Kumar Gaanwala have become household names in Bengal, captivating audiences with their outstanding stories. Building on this legacy, Star Jalsha's current stellar shows like Anurager Chhowa, Horogouri Pice Hotel, Bangla Medium, Ramprasad and Komola O Shreeman Prithwiraj are set to carry the torch of excellence.

In addition to its ground-breaking storytelling, Star Jalsha is renowned for creating iconic characters that inspire and resonate with the audience. These characters, such as Baha, Potol, Sreemoyee, Mohor, Khukumoni, Deepa, Aishani have become cultural touchstones in Indian television, winning the hearts of millions in Bengal and beyond. They serve as role models, encouraging positive change and driving meaningful conversations.

Star Jalsha's success has transcended boundaries, as its exceptional content has been adapted in multiple languages across various regional channels. Sreemoyee alone has been remade in seven different languages, including Anupama in Hindi and Baakiyalakshmi in Tamil, winning the hearts of diverse audiences in their respective markets. Similarly, Mohor and Khorkuto have been remade in six languages each, creating characters that have garnered immense love from their respective viewers. Sasural Genda Phool (Ogo Bodhu Sundori), Gustaakh Dil (Bou Kotha Kao), Meri Maa (Maa), Banni Chow Home Delivery (Khukumoni Home Delivery), Paadatha Painkilli (Ke Apon Ke Por), Kulfi Kumar Bajewala (Potol Kumar Gaanwala) and Teri Meri Doriyan (Gatchora) are some of the other successful shows which were adapted from Star Jalsha shows.

As Star Jalsha celebrates its remarkable achievements, it remains committed to its core values of innovation, inclusivity, and progressive storytelling. With an unwavering dedication to captivating audiences with high-quality programming, the channel will continue to shape the Indian television landscape and inspire viewers with its compelling content.

* Source: BARC WB 2+, W21’22-W20’23