Zee Business launches new series 'Rupee Ki Paathshala' on financial education

Zee Business launches new series 'Rupee Ki Paathshala' on financial education

This show will discuss the latest developments in the world's currency market.

Rupee Ki Paathshala

Mumbai: What is common to Mad Money with Jim Cramer, The Profit, Shark Tank, and Rupee Ki Paathshala? Well, you guessed it right – these are some shows which cater to the diverse nuances of the financial spectrum, namely, analysing stocks, the financial markets, investments, and even entrepreneurship. Rupee Ki Paathshala is a new show which has been launched by Zee Business, one of India’s most viewed business channels.

This programme will be a part of a series called Paathshala, which promises to keep its viewers updated on various developments in the financial markets in a unique and simple manner.

This new show by the media giant will discuss the latest developments in the currency world where there is a huge fall in the rupee vs US dollar trading, and this has surprised everyone from the government to the market pundits. The rupee has depreciated nearly 8 per cent against the dollar in the same year. At such a time, there comes a question: why has there been such a commotion due to the huge depreciation of the rupee? How does the rupee fall? How does the rupee rise? How does the fall and rise of the rupee affect our lives? Where does rupee trading take place? Why is the value of the rupee generally seen in comparison to the dollar prominently? Rupee Ki Paathshala will be the one-stop shop for all such questions and will be hosted by Zee Business managing editor Anil Singhvi.

Speaking of Rupee Ki Paathshala, Singhvi said, "The rupee is falling day by day. On Monday, it fell to the level of 80 for the first time against the dollar. It has now hit its all-time low and breached the psychological mark of 80 per dollar, and hence it becomes necessary to bring to our audience a show that will explain in a distinctive way what the ABCD of the currency market is and why the rupee is falling against the dollar."