Zee 24 TAAS debuts '24 चं Sarkar' for comprehensive election analysis

Zee 24 TAAS debuts '24 चं Sarkar' for comprehensive election analysis

24 चं सरकार' sets new standard in election journalism for Maharashtra's discerning viewers.

Zee 24 TAAS

Mumbai: Zee 24 TAAS, Maharashtra's premier news channel, is to introduce its groundbreaking election program, '24 चं सरकार.' With a steadfast dedication to delivering news that enlightens, educates, and empowers, '24 चं सरकार' heralds a new era in election journalism, setting the standard for comprehensive coverage and insightful analysis tailored specifically for the discerning viewers of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra holds a central role in Indian elections, exerting significant influence over national political landscapes and outcomes. The state's voting patterns serve as indicators of broader political sentiments across India. Against this backdrop, '24 चं सरकार' emerges not merely as another election program, but as a transformative initiative dedicated to fostering progressive discourse during election season.

Under the guidance of Zee 24 TAAS officiating editor Kamlesh Sutar, '24 चं सरकार' promised to redefine election journalism standards by offering comprehensive coverage and insightful analysis customized to suit the unique political landscape of Maharashtra. Through its flagship show, 'कौल २४ चा viewers will embark on an immersive journey through the biggest festival of democracy, with a special focus on Maharashtra's political dynamics.

'24 चं सरकार' also boasts of a dynamic lineup of shows designed to engage and inform audiences across Maharashtra. From the interactive platform of 'झी- २४ तास बोल बिनधास्त,' (will air every day at 8 am, 1.30 pm, 6 pm and 10 pm)  where young voices shape political discourse. Meanwhile, 'ऐका हो ऐका' ( will air every day at 9 am, 2 pm and 7 pm)  captures the pulse of the nation with its high-energy news segments, showcasing compelling moments from rallies across Maharashtra.

Zee 24 TAAS officiating editor Kamlesh Sutar emphasised, "With 'कौल २४ चा,' our aim is to delve deep into the very heart of Indian democracy, providing insights that empower viewers to navigate Maharashtra's political landscape. We understand the significance of informed decision-making, especially during electoral periods, and through this program, we endeavour to offer more than just surface-level reporting. Our goal has always been to equip viewers with the knowledge and understanding necessary to actively engage in the democratic process, ensuring that Maharashtra's voice is not only heard but also shapes the course of our nation's future, with a keen focus on the issues and dynamics unique to our state."

Zee Media Co Ltd CEO Abhay Ojha affirmed, "The launch of '24 चं सरकार' exemplifies Zee Media Corporation Limited's strategic vision to enhance viewer engagement by offering comprehensive coverage that resonates with the pulse of the Nation. Beyond mere viewership numbers, our focus remains on cultivating an informed and empowered audience base, driving sustained success and societal impact."

As Maharashtra prepares for one of its most critical electoral decisions, Zee 24 TAAS invites audiences to embark on this transformative journey with '24 चं सरकार.' Stay tuned for unparalleled coverage and analysis that enriches minds and resonates deeply with the people of Maharashtra.