TV9 Network partners with Cloud TV

TV9 Network partners with Cloud TV

The collaboration aims to elevate presence in the connected TV landscape.

TV9 Network Cloud TV

Mumbai: TV9 Network has joined forces with Cloud TV, a leading provider of advanced smart TV operating systems (OS), to enhance its presence in the connected TV space. This collaboration aims to amplify TV9 Network's footprint in the connected TV realm, delivering an enriched and seamless television viewing experience to audiences across the nation through state-of-the-art technology.

TV9 Network chief growth officer Raktim Das spoke about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Cloud TV heralds an exciting phase in redefining how viewers interact with our channels through connected TV platforms. This collaboration marks a pivotal juncture in our quest to reshape television news viewing in India. Cloud TV's cutting-edge smart TV OS technology, synergized with TV9 Network's exceptional content, will create a distinct and captivating viewing experience for the audience.”

Cloud TV COO Abhijeet Rajpurohit, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to integrate TV9 Network's News Channels for our users to stream for Free on their Cloud TV devices.  News channels hold a significant place in India's television landscape, and our collaboration with TV9 Network enables our users to effortlessly access Live TV channels, eliminating the need for a DTH box or TV stick. TV9 Network's extensive and multilingual news channels provide users with the opportunity to stay updated with the latest global news content right from their TV's homepage, all at absolutely zero cost.”

Cloud TV is renowned for its innovative smart TV solutions that deliver a truly smart and interactive experience on modern television devices. It has established itself as a leader in smart TV OS innovation, its ecosystem includes prime features, including Official Apps, Personalised Content Recommendations, Live TV Channels, Voice Assistant, Built-in App Store, Mobile Remote App for enhanced control, Effortless Universal Search, User Profiles, and much more. Currently boasting a user base exceeding 6 million, partnerships with over 150 esteemed smart TV brands, and collaborations with more than 200 content partners, Cloud TV is well-primed to redefine the future of news television in tandem with TV9 Network.

TV9 Network boasts a diverse array of channels that cater to a wide range of audience. As part of this collaboration, Cloud TV will support the distribution of TV9 Network's channels across various smart TV platforms. The distribution includes seven popular channels under the TV9 Network umbrella, which include: TV9 Bharatvarsh, TV9 Telugu, TV9 Kannada, TV9 Marathi, TV9 Gujarati, TV9 Bangla, News9 Live.

This partnership is set to empower Indian viewers with a more interactive and immersive TV experience. By leveraging Cloud TV's expertise in smart TV OS, TV9 Network aims to expand its reach and engage with viewers on a deeper level, ensuring that audiences can access their preferred news content seamlessly through connected TV devices.