Save Lives and Money.... #BandKaroBazaar, ZEE Business makes clarion call to shut down Stock Markets

Save Lives and Money.... #BandKaroBazaar, ZEE Business makes clarion call to shut down Stock Markets

ZEE Business

Coronavirus is affecting both global and domestic markets dearly. In the last month since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the global markets have corrected to the tune of over 20% while the domestic markets have dipped more than 25%. The whole world is taking preventive measures to combat this deadly virus. Both government and private organisations have implemented 'work from home' policy to ensure the safety of their employees. Now, ZEE Business Managing Editor Anil
Singhvi has given voice to stock market investors and made a clarion call for the closure of the Indian
share market as well. Applauded by Market Experts on Air as #BandKaroBazaar being a prize winning campaign, Mr. Basant Maheshwari, Market Expert ; Mr. Ajay Bagga, Market Expert ; Mr. VK Sharma, HDFC Securities, Mr. Sanjeev Bhasin, IIFL Securities amongst many others have been a strong support.

While moderating a program on ZEE Business, Anil Singhvi pointed out the impact of Coronavirus on the Indian indices and suggested SEBI and the government to think about closing the Indian stock market and focus fully on combating Coronavirus. Singhvi said that in this volatile share market, a smart stock market investor needs to safeguard both his life and wealth. Singhvi said that the concerned authorities must act quickly to take a call on shutting down the Indian stock market. It is with such strong content that ZEE Business engages, informs, educates and guides viewers and is the most preferred destination for Hindi Business News.

On why the stock market has to be shut down, Singhvi said, "Work from home is possible for various organisations (both government and private) but for the stock market, it's impossible." He said that there is no such technique available in current circumstances where the stock market can be run by asking its employees to work from home. To ensure a big momentum is built for this demand, ZEE Business has initiated a social media campaign to shut down the market with this hash tag -
#BandKaroBazaar. This has been trending on Twitter now on the No.1 spot. There is also a social
media poll on whether Stock Market should be shut down and its receiving a strong traction from Investors, Market Experts. We encourage you to participate in this poll. The poll is available on the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Zee Business.



After ZEE Business made this call to shut down the stock market, #BandKaroBazaar has started trending globally while in India, it's the second most trending call on Twitter as of now.