Republic fights second Covid wave with ‘Stay Strong India’

Republic fights second Covid wave with ‘Stay Strong India’

The campaign has made it a point to showcase all sides of the Covid story.


NEW DELHI: Since the onset of the second wave of Covid-19, Republic Media Network has dedicated 100 per cent of its programming on the nation’s fight against Covid. Republic’s #StayStrongIndia campaign has become a viral chorus across the globe, a worldwide expression of solidarity, a symbol of India’s resolve and one that has rallied Indians to come together to defeat Covid-19.

Republic Media Network’s Stay Strong India campaign is rooted in sinking our old differences, our varied ideologies, as a nation and working towards a combined win against the ongoing pandemic. The campaign has made it a point to showcase all sides of the story and not just the doom and gloom that crores of Indians are battling daily. 

The core focus of the campaign has been to ensure a solution-based approach and not to stoke panic; to become an information and news headquarters for Covid-19 so that every Indian — in India or abroad— has the right to verified information and combined solutions.

Some of the aspects of Republic’s #StayStrongIndia campaign are as follows:

●       A special primetime show at 6pm daily dedicated coverage on one crucial subject linked to Covid-19.  In this show, experts and the top names from the medical fraternity come together to answer the questions from viewers on a particular aspect of Covid-19. The dedicated programming has seen an overwhelming response and directly connects the citizens in a Pandemic to the expert voices that have answers based on experience, science and facts.

●       Special interviews with game changers and trailblazers in the fight against Covid - from Covid heroes to medical experts to app creators to policy makers to foreign and Indian vaccine makers and ministers across India: Daily interview segments with the biggest newsmakers in India’s Covid-19 fight are on Republic.

●       Daily coverage of not just the points of concern but also the points of hope on how India is uniting to fight Covid.

●       Stay Strong India is also about holding the system accountable. Republic’s Special Investigative Team <SIT> has been filing deep investigative reports on critical shortages and unscrupulous activity across the country and holding the system accountable to drive on ground change, so that maximum resources reach those who most need it.

●       Live interactive special shows connect citizens directly to medical experts to answer Covid queries, which in turn has ensured Republic is the voice and destination of the people at a time when we battle our toughest crisis. 

●       Republic TV brings live reports of the Covid situation from the rural regions. In a special five-minute recurring daily segment, the channel beams the visuals of what is happening in our villages and small towns.

●       In a special segment on My Vaccine Story, Team Republic vlogs its vaccination process, from the time of reaching the vaccination centre to getting the jab, it breaks the hesitation around vaccination.

●       The Network has ensured 100 per cent ground coverage by Republic reporters from hotspots to detail the ground situation.

●       Republic TV under the banner of Stay Strong India has dedicated its Super Prime Time debates to Covid related issues.

Republic Media Network editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami said, “ Yes these are the most difficult of times. They have frustrated us and challenged us. They have taken us to the depths of loss and despair. And yet in these times most of all we must believe that we will overcome. We will turn things around together. We will not give up and not let anything stop our fight back. Because when history is written India will rise by fighting its biggest battle in decades. We will rise. Only India can. Only India will. We will.

The campaign of Stay Strong India has reverberated across the globe. With landmark buildings including Burj Khalifa, in Dubai and the Adnoc headquarters in Abu Dhabi lit up with the message "Stay Strong India", it is clear that the campaign has resonated across the world. Diplomats and leaders from all over have been using the hashtag - whether it is the UAE or Israel, thereby standing strongly with the resolve of this great nation.