News18 Lokmat launches ‘Mood Maharashtracha’

News18 Lokmat launches ‘Mood Maharashtracha’

A groundbreaking show for the Elections 2024.

News18 Lokmat

Mumbai: News18 Lokmat has announced its extensive election programming lineup, as the anticipation for the 2024 Elections builds up. Amongst the various shows, the much-awaited ‘Mood Maharashtracha’, is all set to embark on a unique journey across the towns and cities of Maharashtra.

News18 Lokmat ‘Mood Maharashtracha’, is a groundbreaking initiative that delves deep into the real issues faced by the people of Maharashtra. With a dedicated branded van going around the state, the show brings these issues in the forefront, providing a platform for the voices that have been unheard.

The show anchor will take the viewers on an immersive experience, engaging with residents from various demographics to understand their perspectives on the upcoming elections. The anchor will also interact with the local leaders of the state, giving us some important insights. From discussing unresolved local concerns to evaluating the performance MP’s and their constituencies, the show will leave no stone unturned in its quest to represent the diverse opinions of Maharashtra.