News18 India & CNN-News18 continue dominance on viewership charts

News18 India & CNN-News18 continue dominance on viewership charts

News18 India held a 15.9 per cent market share during the first week of the new year.

Mumbai: Once again, Network18 won double gold as both its Hindi and English news channels decisively defeated rivals to maintain their top positions in the most recent audience ratings table.

CNN-News18 defeated Republic TV, Times Now, Mirror Now, and India Today Television in the English general news segment while News18 India defeated Aaj Tak, India TV, TV9 Bharatvarsh, and Republic Bharat in the Hindi general news segment.

According to data issued by the Broadcast Audience Research Council, News18 India held a 15.9  per cent relative market share during the first week of the New Year and a 15.8  per cent share during the following week ( Barc). (Market share per cent, 24 hours, HSM, TG: 15+, Wk 50'22-Wk 02'23, All days).

According to data, News18 India now holds 20  per cent higher market share than Aaj Tak, which is now in second place but only managed to gain 13.2  per cent relative market share in the past two weeks.

In the English general news section, CNN-News18 increased its relative market share by 1.8  per cent, maintaining first place with 33.0  per cent in the first week and 34.7  per cent in the second week, easily defeating Republic TV, which lagged behind with 29.9  per cent and 27.8  per cent. Market share percentage, 24 hours, TG: 15+ AB, India, Wk 50'22-Wk 02'23, All days.

In terms of market share, CNN-News18 has already surpassed Times Now, which is currently third, by a staggering 80  per cent.

Additionally, News18 India continued to outperform Aaj Tak in the Prime Time (6pm to 12 am) and 9pm timeslots, capturing 26  per cent and 14  per cent greater market share, respectively.

While Times Now lost market share to CNN-News18 by 61  per cent in the Prime Time Core TG (6pm to 11 pm ) time period, CNN-News18 was far ahead.

Since Barc started collecting viewership statistics again in March 2020, News18 India and CNN-News18 have both been market leaders. Regional news networks owned by Network18 Group are still the best in their fields.