CNBC-TV18 launches a sub-brand 'Next Gen'

CNBC-TV18 launches a sub-brand 'Next Gen'

The motto of CNBC-TV18 Next Gen is to be the voice of a new generation.

Mumbai: CNBC-TV18, India's leading business news channel, is expanding its brand reach and aims to be the voice of GenZ-ers, who are set to have significant purchasing power and decision-making abilities in the future. The channel launched a sub-brand named CNBC-TV18 Next Gen, the "Voice of a New Generation, with the credibility of CNBC-TV18." The platform highlights its objective of providing information and inspiration to the new generation of India who are poised to become future decision-makers.

The launch of CNBC-TV18 Next Gen marks the first time a mainstream media house has dedicated a platform for GenZ, which was introduced with a grand virtual launch on 6 April 2023. The launch featured a unique Instagram Live Marathon, with several lifestyle influencers and artists joining Insta live on the new page, followed by Shereen Bhan herself on Insta live for a short take on "Why CNBC-TV18 Next Gen."

The new platform includes a standalone content platform (, a dedicated Instagram page, a YouTube playlist, all that will become the GenZ content destination. The sub-brand provides information and inspiration on diverse topics like personal tech, mental health, jobs and career, and lifestyle and travel, among others. The virtual launch featured several influencers, including fashion influencer Ritvi Shah, NRI lifestyle influencer Shivani Bafna, content creator Niki Mehra Madan and mental health advocate, Roshni Chopra, The Yellow Diary lead singer Rajan Batra, personal tech expert Tejas Patil, and Olympic Gold medallist Abhinav Bindra. 

CNBC-TV18 managing editor Shereen Bhan said, “CNBC-TV18 has stood for providing credible, actionable information for its viewers for over two decades. As India ushers in an era of new savers and investors, CNBTV18 is ready to be a one-stop destination to address the needs of the young aspirational Indian. From personal finance & investing to tech & entrepreneurship, careers, gadgets, travel, food, and fashion, our brand-new offering, “CNBC-TV18 Next Gen, is dedicated to the young Indian.”

Network18 CEO business news Smriti Mehra said, “As per recent surveys, the younger generation under the age of 25, or GenZ, is going to have the highest purchasing power. Also, 75 per cent of the GenZ are going to prefer a better quality of life and work-life balance over money in the bank. CNBC-TV18, in its two decades of legacy, has always elevated the lifestyles and aspirations of its viewers and we are committed to doing the same for the next generation also. Moreover, as more and more brands target GenZs, CNBC-TV18 Next Gen is a rightly placed sub-brand at the right time for brands to create meaningful content with the credibility of CNBC-TV18 and target this audience base.”

CNBC-TV18 Next Gen represents an exciting new chapter in the evolution of CNBC-TV18, and it will continue to provide the audience with valuable content on topics that cater specially to the GenZ audience.