REPRESENT 2023 Wrapped: 11 billion+ streams and countless pop culture defining moments

REPRESENT 2023 Wrapped: 11 billion+ streams and countless pop culture defining moments

REPRESENT justifies its pole position as the top entertainment powerhouse in India.


Mumbai: REPRESENT, one of India’s premiere music management agencies recognised as one of India’s top music startups to look out for, concludes an exceptional year as it proudly recaps its remarkable achievements and milestones in 2023. Offering an umbrella of services, from talent management to music consulting and investments, REPRESENT boasts an impressive artist roster consisting of over 20 artists including Ananya Birla, Armaan Malik, Anuv Jain, DJ Chetas, Lost Stories, KSHMR, MC Stan, Zaeden, among others.


  1.  The year witnessed significant expansions within their artist roster, welcoming six outstanding talents: Saahel, Kamakshi Khanna, Kayan, Lisa Mishra, Kanishk Seth, and Shashwat Sachdev, each adding a unique flair and diversity to their formidable lineup
  2. The talent powerhouse also entered into a strategic partnership for distribution with Universal Music Group India to facilitate the growth and reach of their artists worldwide, thereby empowering them to stay independent while making the most of UMG’s resources and expertise
  3. REPRESENT’s strategic campaigns have garnered substantial attention, this year’s Spotify Wrapped witnessed the company garner an astounding 2.2 billion overall streams by over 247 million+ listeners for over 110 million hours, a testament to their widespread influence and musical prowess
  4. They conducted more than 500 live shows this year which include the curation of tours for their artists Anuv Jain (Guldasta Tour), DJ Chetas, Kayan (Kayan Vision Tour), MC Stan (Basti Ka Hasti Tour) and Zaeden (Revelation Tour) through their company’s live entertainment bookings agency, RE:PLAY, solidifying their position as a premier talent management company
  5. The company also secured prominent film syncs, notably featuring Hanita Bhambri’s ‘Chehra’ and Anuv Jain's ‘Mazaak’ in the movie ‘Thank You For Coming’, and Zaeden’s ‘Socha Na Tha’ in the Netflix film ‘Friday Night Plan’
  6. Several tracks from the roster including 'Baarishein', 'Haath Varthi', 'Basti Ka Hasti', 'Ek Din Pyaar', ‘Aa Mil’ and 'Dhundhala', secured coveted spots in Spotify's Top 50 charts, affirming the resonance and popularity of REPRESENT’s exclusive talents
  7.  Through meticulous curation, the agency successfully sealed over 250+ brand deals for its artists including esteemed brands like Maybelline, Crocs, Aldo, Samsung, Chanel, Fastrack, L’Oréal, among others
  8.  REPRESENT curated the launch of their artist KSHMR’s highly successful hip-hop album ‘KARAM’, marking a significant milestone in their journey and giving a platform for the Desi Hip-hop community to unite in a one-of-its-kind event.
  9.  Their artists OAFF and Savera went on to be recognised for their excellence by winning the ‘Best Upcoming Music Composers’ Award at the prominent Mirchi Music Awards and being nominated for the same at the esteemed IIFA Awards.
  10.  Artists also achieved global recognition with features on the eminent Times Square billboard, including MC Stan and KSHMR for ‘Haath Varthi’, Lisa Mishra for Spotify’s Equal playlist and Kamakshi Khanna as part of Spotify’s RADAR artists, further solidifying their position as international talents.

Sharing his delightment about how this year has farred for the company, REPRESENT CEO & founder Aayushman Sinha said, “In 2023, we delved deeper into our artists' music and strengthened fan engagement. For 2024, our aim is international; we are initiating major changes and investments to promote our artists' music on a global scale and to create new opportunities abroad. Additionally, we plan to intensify our investments in Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and artist-led businesses, recognising their significant long-term potential. Concurrently, we will continue to expand and foster our existing business.”

The agency expanded its horizons by investing in Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, including the launch of SOL (a fragrance brand alongside Zaeden), Comet (a homegrown sneaker brand) and House of X (a creator-led incubator). They also expanded their portfolio by initiating ‘CREW’, a new venture focusing on creator management by onboarding incredible talents such as Aashna Hegde and Raj Shamani, thereby enhancing their diverse range of services and offerings.

REPRESENT is poised for an even more remarkable 2024, promising an array of groundbreaking releases and collaborations that will further elevate the standards of innovation and creativity in the industry.