Content, technology and relevance - What it means for BIG FM in 2024

Content, technology and relevance - What it means for BIG FM in 2024

Technological advancements have snow-balled, becoming a focal point for brands.

Sunil Kumaran

Mumbai: In the ever-evolving consumption patterns of audiences, the quest for creating content that is appealing and engaging has been a perpetual one. Today, marketers and content strategists across the globe are harnessing the power of technology to curate offerings that strike the right chord with the end users. With digital advancements driving new possibilities, crafting compelling narratives for mediums across sectors requires a strategic blend of innovation and creativity. At BIG FM, we recognize that in the current media landscape, captivating audiences’ attention demands purposeful strategies which are in accordance to one’s brand philosophy.

Our content is meticulously crafted based on robust consumer insights, ensuring that we remain relevant and impactful, whilst never losing sight of our bigger brand purpose. By understanding the unique needs and preferences of our listeners, advertisers and partners, our attempt has always been to create meaningful connections that resonate with all. This approach not only strengthens our brand but also fosters long-term partnerships built on trust, transparency and mutual benefit.

With unyielding commitment to storytelling and purpose driven entertainment, BIG FM has spearheaded the transformation of content creation through its brand philosophy ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho’, revitalising our listeners. We believe in being the change agents, striving to bring about a positive impact through each of our offerings. We also believe in paying homage to the pioneering radio broadcasters, whose voices transcended boundaries, underscoring the enduring power of communication and storytelling. Our flagship show is also a byproduct of our philosophy, with the vision to have impact that triggers thought-provoking conversations and debate. It takes up pertinent issues and provides different perspectives thereby playing the role of a catalyst driving a change in the society. As we continue our commitment towards providing diverse entertainment with a purpose, we also celebrate the timeless charm of building theatre of the mind through stories with iconic shows like 'Suhana Safar with Annu Kapoor' and 'Yaadon ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra’.

In the last couple of years, technological advancements have snow-balled into becoming a pivotal focal point for all brands. The radio industry has consistently embraced new technologies and trends, maintaining its connection with audiences. Technology provides scale, relevance and access thereby driving richer experiences. This forward-thinking approach has enabled the industry to stay ahead without compromising its core meaning. This harmonious blend of technology and content not only enhances the overall quality of our offerings but also strengthens our position as a forward-thinking and customer-centric industry leader.

There is no doubt that content is at a cross-section of various elements - generative AI, gamification and building sonic identities being a few of them. The conflux of technology and radio hasn't just deepened audience engagement; it's also streamlined operations in a never before manner. Our AI driven campaign 'Super Duper Dhamaka', utilised the local reach of radio to promote the retail sector, especially small-scale retailers. Its second season introduced gamification, tapping into the growing demand for interactivity as it merged the excitement of the stock market with the pleasure of retail shopping.

Beyond the airwaves, BIG FM’s brand philosophy also extends to on-ground initiatives and events with a goal to provide an immersive experience and value to all our stakeholders. Apart from our campaigns, the lineup of original shows, 'Aapke Jaisi Rani', Mumbai Maska Maar Ke with RJ Vrajesh, Mumbai Ka Sabse Bada Struggler with RJ Abhilash and Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar with RJ Akriti amongst others, demonstrates the ability to tap the pulse of our audiences, ensuring diversity. As the journey of evolution unfolds, BIG FM remains steadfast in its mission to reshape perceptions, challenge norms and amplify voices with a promise to have a lasting impact.

The author of this article is BIG FM COO Sunil Kumaran.