“Ensuring user safety and privacy is paramount at Togeth૪ing”: Maadhav Bhide

“Ensuring user safety and privacy is paramount at Togeth૪ing”: Maadhav Bhide

The app empowers every smartphone user to build a high-revenue business instantly.

Maadhav Bhide

Mumbai: Togethering are a bunch of enthusiastic people who believe in the power of togetherness and everything can achieve collectively. Founder and CEO Maadhav Bhide who came up with the idea of Togeth૪ing when he felt the need to have an app that could allow people to enjoy music together in real time irrespective of time or distance.

Thus he began a journey that has now evolved into a complete ecosystem that brings together brands, communities, and individuals to help them connect communicate celebrate.

The app empowers every smartphone user to become a successful influencer and build a high-revenue business instantly

Indiantelevision.com caught up with Bhide where he gives some more insights regarding this app.

Edited excerpts

On Togeth૪ing appealing or unique compared to other similar apps designed for co-listening and co-watching experiences

At Togeth૪ing, we pride ourselves on providing a distinctive co-listening and co-watching experience that sets us apart from other apps in this space. Unlike many alternatives, our app eliminates the need for users to share screens or devices. What truly sets us apart is our Multiparty control feature, allowing all participants to jointly control play/pause/forward/reverse functions while co-listening or co-watching. Moreover, participants can engage in synchronous chat or video chat without disrupting the shared experience, creating an immersive environment that mimics everyone being in the same room and enjoying the media together.

On the feature of earning rewards through co-actions enhances your experience when enjoying music and videos with friends and family

At Togeth૪ing, our philosophy is clear and compelling: users should be rewarded for opting to share social moments, yet it remains a matter of personal choice. Participation in co-listening or co-watching isn't bound by mandatory rewards; rather, it's an optional enhancement for those inclined to partake. Moreover, this feature serves as a gateway for businesses to establish connections with users based on their individual preferences and choices. We aspire to extend gratitude to our users for designating Togeth૪ing as their favored social platform. This approach allows them to seamlessly receive rewards at their discretion—empowering them to enjoy incentives anytime, anywhere. It's our way of acknowledging and appreciating the users who contribute to the vibrant community within Togeth૪ing.

On ways do you envision using Togeth૪ing within your social circles or daily routines

In alignment with contemporary lifestyle preferences, where mobile devices serve as the primary hub for various activities, Togeth૪ing stands as a unique platform poised to redefine real-time social interactions. In contrast to prevalent asynchronous platforms, which have inadvertently given rise to feelings of isolation and the escalating phenomenon of FOMO, Togeth૪ing takes pride in its inherent 1000000% synchronous nature. This deliberate design fosters meaningful connections among siblings, friends, and families, mitigating the pervasive sense of FOMO.

Moreover, in an era where businesses globally seek visibility through diverse social media platforms, Togeth૪ing emerges as a distinct channel. Unlike asynchronous alternatives or conventional community buying platforms, our platform transcends mere communication, offering genuine real-time interactions and collaborations — a fundamental aspect that distinguishes Togeth૪ing.

Use Case Scenarios:

1.   Emotional Connections: Picture a scenario where family members scattered across cities or continents collectively watch videos or photos of their children. The discretion to every member in the family session, to control play /pause/forward etc in synchronous environment which also allows for simultaneous chatting and video interactions, replicating the feeling of being in the same room, complete with expressive elements like emojis and gifs.

2.   Inter-generational Bonding: Grandparents engaging in virtual story sessions, sharing the magic of Tintin books with their grandchildren. Through video calls, they can point out specific pictures or lines, creating a shared reading experience.

3.   Personalized Music Sessions: Envision the joy of listening to romantic music with a fiancé or curating a playlist of devotional songs for an elderly family member together. Togeth૪ing allows for shared music experiences with personalized controls on the entire group session.

4.   Community Entertainment: For enthusiasts of series like Marvel or Game of Thrones, a simple click on a shared episode informs the entire group of ongoing viewing. Friends can instantly join the show, fostering a virtual daily gathering akin to meeting for a casual activity like having a cigarette, a drink, or tea/coffee.

Accessibility and Business Use Cases:

To enhance accessibility, Togeth૪ing ensures a user-friendly experience. Users registered on the app enjoy additional features at no extra cost, creating a seamless process akin to other social media platforms. Moreover, the platform extends its utility beyond personal connections to encompass business scenarios, particularly in the domains of food and entertainment.

1.   OTT Channel Offers: Imagine an OTT channel or blockbuster movie releasing exclusive offers within your social circles, accompanied by rule-based rewards. This not only incentivizes participation but also instills a sense of pride among users for actively engaging with friends in deciding whether to partake in the offer or not, with rewards serving as a delightful bonus. In return, the OTT channel could secure guaranteed attention, followers, and additional opportunities to attract paying consumers.

2.   Student Instant Budget Solutions: Consider the scenario of college students on a tight budget seeking cost-effective deals. Togeth૪ing emerges as a solution by allowing users to enjoy content with a friend anytime & anywhere globally. After a brief 45 seconds, both users receive options from listed partners such as restaurants, cafes, QSRs, and Fine dining establishments on the Togethring platform, facilitating a budget-friendly choice. Describing Togethring as an "Instant Coupon Generator platform" aptly captures its functionality in this context. This, in fact, represents a classic case for envisioning Togeth૪ing as a daily necessity for students or communities on a budget, and more.

In summary, these use cases exemplify our confidence in Togethring's potential to connect consumers and businesses deeply, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to grow together.

On security measures or assurances would you look for in an app that allows synchronous and collaborative experiences without sharing screens or devices

Ensuring user safety and privacy is paramount at Togeth૪ing. The foundational advantage of not mandating users to share screens or devices stands as our initial line of defense. Furthermore, all communications within our platform are fortified with end-to-end encryption, creating a secure and protected environment for our users. For those desiring individual enjoyment, a straightforward click enables them to isolate themselves from groups or other parties during live sessions, offering enhanced control and peace of mind in their Togeth૪ing experience.

On improvements or additional features would you suggest to make the app even more engaging or user-friendly

In the contemporary landscape of AI and ML, XR Togeth૪ing has an extensive lineup of features strategically curated to meet evolving user needs for the next decade. While specific details cannot be disclosed at this time, rest assured that our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction remains at the forefront of our development efforts. Stay tuned for exciting updates that will further enhance the engagement and user-friendliness of the Togeth૪ing app.

On instant rewards or discounts would motivate you the most to participate actively in co-listening and co-watching sessions using this app

At Togeth૪ing, we strongly emphasize providing enduring incentives, particularly in the realms of food and entertainment. Our target audience, spanning from kids and millennials to newly salaried individuals, can indulge in a plethora of rewards from well-established restaurant and cafe brands. Partnerships with esteemed names such as Rocomama, Cafe Peter, Rolls Mania, Crazy Cheesy, Agent Jacks, and Malaka Spice ensure a delightful variety of choices for Dine-in rewards. What sets us apart is our commitment to offering more than just incentives. In collaboration with industry leaders like Reliance Animation and MESC, Togeth૪ing extends exciting opportunities for content and education rewards. This strategic alliance adds a layer of diversity and engagement to our platform, ensuring that our users experience a rich and multifaceted journey every time they actively participate in co-listening and co-watching sessions.