‘Bawaal’ all set for world TV premiere on Zee Cinema

‘Bawaal’ all set for world TV premiere on Zee Cinema

Mark your calendars for Saturday 25 November at 8 pm.


Mumbai: “Beta mahol aisa banaao ki logon ko mahol yaad rahe…result nahi” But what happens when your outer appearance tries to take control over you and your image is all that matters? Brace yourselves for a story of love, ego, clashes and through an unexplored backdrop as Zee Cinema presents the World Television Premiere of Bawaal. Starring the dynamic duo, Janhvi Kapoor and Varun Dhawan, this family drama takes you on a wild ride through the life of Ajay Dixit, an image-conscious history teacher in Lucknow. His life philosophy? "Fake it till you make it" Will his carefully constructed façade sustain or crumble like a house of cards? Find out on Saturday 25 November at 8 pm with the World Television Premiere of Bawaal only on Zee Cinema.

Bawaal is a heartfelt family drama that tugs at the strings of emotion, weaving through the intricacies of familial relationships. With a focus on life's lessons, the film transcends the ordinary and explores the vulnerabilities that define family bonds.

On the world television premiere of the film, Janhvi Kapoor said, “While portraying Nisha in the film, I discovered a character defined by silent strength and unwavering hope. She has her own set of struggles – relationship, health and societal but despite all of that, she embodies courage, intelligence, and moral aspiration. Like Nisha, I value observation over constant expression. Nowadays people are very image driven and, in a world, obsessed with image, her story encourages us to find courage in authenticity, and appreciate life's simpler joys.”

Director Nitesh Tiwari said, "My philosophies are based on my own experiences for so many years. I have started believing very strongly that whatever happens, happens for the best. With all my films, I always try to keep my ideologies intact, ideologies that become the guiding light of the project. One of the strongest human feelings for me is ‘empathy’. That is my strongest take away from the film and I hope audiences take that away too when they watch the film on Zee Cinema. And to tell you the truth, when Bawaal came along, I only had Varun and Janhvi in mind, I’ve always felt that they have the ability to experiment and willingness to explore concepts."

Varun Dhawan - The film unfolds life's uncertainties; I find solace in the belief that God has greater plans. If it happens according to the mind, it's good; if it doesn't happen according to the mind, it's still good. Today, people are not fearless. Every human being has to fight their insecurities at every step. Bawaal brought this reality closer and challenged me to step into a character far from my own. It reflects the raw truth of today's filtered lives. But amidst everything, teaming up with Janhvi was a blast! Off-screen, she's a riot—quirky, funny, and genuinely an oddball in the best way possible. She’s one of a kind and that’s what makes her so special.

In this emotionally charged family drama, Ajay Dixit, a charismatic middle school teacher known as Ajju, navigates life with a facade of success. Married to the vibrant Nisha, for superficial reasons, Ajju's insecurities lead him to mistreat her. Faced with suspension at work, Ajju devises a unique plan to escape scrutiny by embarking on an unconventional journey with Nisha. As they traverse through life's complexities, the film unravels their journey of self-discovery, exposing the couple's vulnerabilities, shortcomings, and the truths that shape their lives. Will Ajay and Nisha emerge victorious in the battle against misunderstandings?

Mark your calendars for Saturday 25 November at 8 pm, as you witness the Bawaal only on Zee Cinema!