ZeeZest.com presents The Wise King X R Bar Takeover experience

ZeeZest.com presents The Wise King X R Bar Takeover experience

Sandeep Kumar, owner & head bartender of The Wise King, will elevate the evening in Bengaluru.


Mumbai: ZeeZest.com recently launched the second edition of its popular property - ‘Hottest Bars – Hong Kong’. The digital IP of zeezest.com showcases the five award-winning bars and spotlights the innovative bartenders and their cocktail concepts. After the success of hosting Yugnes (Yugi) Susela, ace mixologist and founder, The Elephant Bar, Singapore, ZeeZest.com brings The Wise King, Asia’s 50 Best Bars from Hong Kong to India.

'The Wise King' has firmly entrenched itself as a unique gem in the Hong Kong bar scene, celebrated for its distinctive Iberian influence. The name itself pays homage to Alfonso X of Castile, a 13th-century Spanish monarch, who played a legendary role in the creation of Spain's tapas culinary tradition. It was his decree that stated no alcoholic beverage should be served without accompanying food, thereby enriching the country's gastronomic heritage.

The esteemed owner & head bartender at 'The Wise King' Hong Kong Sandeep Kumar has left an indelible mark on the global mixology stage with his innovative creations and unmatched expertise. ZeeZest.com along with Sandeep Kumar through its initiative is all set to offer the visitors of Bangalore a chance to embark on a unique cultural journey. At the enchanting R Bar, located within the Renaissance Hotel, Racecourse Road, Bengaluru, on the 6 October 2023, 7 PM.

Commenting on the occasion, Zee Zest chief channel officer Amit Nair commented "India increasingly has seen a taste for upscale cocktails, along with a flourishing exposure to the world of cocktail bars and inventive mixology, Zee Zest is steadfast in delivering these distinctive encounters. Our commitment lies in offering exceptional moments that align with our 'Unlimit Life' philosophy. This event in Bangalore underscores our continued passion for providing audiences with unique and unforgettable experiences. We firmly believe in embracing and celebrating life's richness, and The Wise King X R Bar Takeover is a perfect embodiment of this principle "

Step into a world where tradition meets innovation and classic cocktails are reimagined with a modern flair! The upcoming event is set to be a feast for the senses, promising a delightful evening of creative concoctions that pay homage to the timeless allure of classic cocktails while introducing an exciting contemporary twist.

Join us for an evening of exceptional mixology, cultural exploration, and unforgettable memories as we celebrate the convergence of global bartending excellence and Bangalore's thriving spirits scene. Secure your spot now and witness the extraordinary journey.

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