Zee Studios partners with NFTically to launch NFT drop

Zee Studios partners with NFTically to launch NFT drop

The token allows the studio to share exclusive assets with fans.

Zee Studios

Mumbai: Zee Studios on Friday announced its first non-fungible token (NFT) drop on its own NFT store. The film studio has partnered with software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform NFTically who facilitated the creation and launch of the NFT. The token has been integrated with the blockchain Polygon.

A non-fungible token is a digital collectible that shows that the holder has ownership of a unique virtual item such as online pictures and videos. Through this NFT, Zee Studios will share a plethora of exclusive assets with their fans across the world, said the statement.

“It is a defining moment for us to become the first film studio in India to launch NFTs and this initiative ties in with our future-facing plans. Zee Studios will provide NFTs for cinema lovers and collectors through its repository of the strong lineup of film content," said  Zee Studios, chief business officer, Shariq Patel.  

“Our mission is to revolutionise the NFT space by making it accessible to everyone – celebrities, influencers, artists, and enterprises," said NFTically, chief executive officer and founder, Toshendra Sharma. "With a clear focus on NFT awareness and the platform (UX), we aim to connect people with their favourite collectibles, artists, and objects. NFT market-related transactions are soaring to new heights every day and given our relationship with art, culture, and emotion, India can be the epicentre of the NFT uprising."

“World is thrilled about digitised art. We see major traction across the globe and India is ripening to this phenomenon,"  said EMC worldwide, chief executive officer and founder, Navin Shah. "We are at the right time to explore multiple opportunities with NFT. We are happy to bring in this first NFT with NFTically and look forward to bringing in many more in coming times."